(Request) Much Needed Distraction- Sirius

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Requested By: coco_0705

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Requested By: coco_0705

Request: Hey! can you please write a story where y/n is having a bad day (can you add some y/n's family drama for that?) and Sirius just drags her into a broom closet and snogs her senselessly and then later they spend the day together cuddling and kissing or something. I'm a huge sucker for these kind of stories! Thanks!!


It's not been your day. In fact it's not been your week.

You've only been back at school for three days and, despite not being surrounded by your family, you can't seem to get their persistant comments out of your head. The relentless drama. At home there's always something for your family to argue over. Something so pathetically trivial that it seems pointless. But to them it wasn't and it frustrated you greatly.

If it wasn't your current grades, then it was your brother's level in magic, despite only being in his second year. But if it wasn't either of them, then it was over you not helping enough around the house. This was the one that ticked you off the most because you knew damn well that you helped out plenty around the house, if not helped out the most.

It made you pull at your hair in annoyance just thinking about it. Why can't they just calm down and back off? To stop being so over-bearing and controlling. It felt like you were suffocating. It made you feel claustrophobic despite not actually being claustrophobic.

"Hey Y/n, you alright?" You heard the voice of your boyfriend comment as he stood infront of your desk.

You didn't look up but spoke through gritted teeth. "I'm fine Sirius." You paused. "Just fine."

"You don't seem it?" He pushed, leaning closer to you. How the professor hadn't seen him was beyond you but at this point you didn't care either. You knew he was only acting like this because of the Quidditch practice he had before class, so he was still running off his adrenaline.

You sucked in a breathe before looking to him. "I love you Pads, you're the love of my life but if you say one more thing by pretending to be funny then you will be going to the Hospital Wing." You stated, you eyes void of any emotion.

The smirk which was plastered on your boyfriend's face disappeared in an instant. Sirius couldn't help but watch you. "Seriously, what's going on?" He asked more quietly as he grabbed his chair to sit beside you. "This isn't like you."

You were quiet for a moment, your eyes focused on your work, before you spoke up to answer him. "I told you I'm fine." You insisted, flicking your gaze up to him for a brief second.

Sighing to himself, Sirius leaned foward and took your hand in his. "Talk to me." He was giving you puppy eyes at this point but you still didn't budge.

You shook your head. "I don't want to talk about it. Maybe later." You dismissed before removing your hand from his. Going back to your work. Sirius nodded. He knew your boundries and respected them so didn't push the subject any futher.

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