(Request) Against The Odds- Sirius

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Requested By: JulzLovDraco4Eva

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Requested By: JulzLovDraco4Eva

Request: Hi may I have a Harry Potter imagine please.
Y/n trait: always gets scared for and about Sirius.
Extra: Sirius is the only one who knows how to calm Y/n down in scary matter.
Plot: Y/n is Lily's twin sister and friends with the Marauders since 1st year. It's the holidays before 6th year, James had invited everyone to stay at his house for the holidays since his family wanted to meet them. One day James, Remus, Peter, Lily and Y/n were all gathered around the living room after James gave them the tour of the house until Y/n realised Sirius wasn't there and they all started wondering he was until the doorbell rang. James answered the doorbell seeing Sirius out of breath with a suitcase and a blooded face, James yelled for his mum who came rushing and helped fix Sirius up and told him to rest. Everyone was so worried about him, but Y/n was freaking out if he's going to live or not until Lily gave her a calming talk making Y/n realise she doesn't just like Sirius as a friend but loves him.
James' mum went to check on Sirius and came back telling everyone that Sirius will be living with them from now on which got James and everyone so happy they then went to go and see him and Sirius told them that his parents found out he loved someone and decided to hurt him but James told him how happy he is to have him living with him now and how Y/n was freaking out about him, he looked at her and asked why and she took a breath and told him she loves him and didn't want to loose him and he told her he loves her too and won't loose him. She went over to him and they gave each other a hug before he got up to join them for dinner with everyone feeling more calm especially Sirius and Y/n who were now holding hands under the table while eating dinner.

T.W: Light description of blood/injury and a panic attack?


It was the summer and you were all invited round to the Potters. You, Lily- your twin sister, Remus, Peter and Sirius. James had invited you all to stay at his for the holidays because, as he put it, his parents were keen to meet you all. Well... they've already seen Sirius before, a couple of times to be exact but never officially met the boy.

Sirius. That's a point, you haven't seen him yet. No one has. He's yet to turn up to the house. This concerned you greatly but you kept your thoughts quiet until James had finished the tour of his house and you all were gathered in the living room. It was then that you spoke your mind. "Where's Sirius?" You asked, getting straight to the point. Everyone looked to you. "He hasn't turned up yet. He did say he was coming right?" The last part was phrased more as a question then anything but everyone saw your concern and were quick to share the same feelings.

"It's not like Pads doesn't know where you live." Peter chimed, going to stand beside you.

"He should have been the first one here." You sister added, placing a hand on your shoulder, standing the other side. All three of you were staring at James, Remus keeping his mouth shut but agreeing with you all nonetheless, as his thought began to run wild too. You all stood around the room, scratching your brains to possible explainations for Sirius' unexplained absense.

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