(Request) I'll Do Anything- James

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Requested by: JulzLovDraco4Eva

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Requested by: JulzLovDraco4Eva

Request: Hi may I have a Harry Potter imagine please.
Character: Younger James Potter
Y/n Traits: Would say yes to anything James would ask her to do cause of her crush on him. Y/n thinks of Sirius as a brother figure.
House: Gryffindor
Extra: The Marauders expect James tried to figure out why Y/n did anything James would tell her to do. Sirius is protective over Y/n when it comes to boys as he thinks of himself as a brother figure to her.
Plot: Y/n was best friends with the Marauders since 1st year. Throughout the years she loved watching them pull pranks on people especially Snape, she loved spending everyday with the Marauders but she started to notice that she started feeling different for James and realised she had fallen in love with him.
One day the Marauders asked her to help pull a prank on Snape and she agreed straight away as James had asked her to help cause the Marauders noticed that Y/n would say yes to anything James asked her to do.
After the prank happened Severus Snape complained and told on them to Professor McGonagall who gave them detention.
During detention the Marauders were chatting amongst themselves about why Y/n keeps agreeing to everything James says and why she is been acting differently, so they ask her and Y/n can't hold it in any longer and announces she has a crush on James, the other three Marauders are shocked and look at James who suddenly tells her he feels the same and he kisses her which she does back and the other Marauders go aww cute and James then yells at the Marauders for interrupting but Y/n calms him and he asks Y/n if she would like to be his girlfriend, before she could say anything Sirius tried to protect Y/n from James but in the end she said yes and they all then start to chat for the rest of detention sbout other pranks to do.

A.N: This is the last chapter of this book! Really hope you guys love it and thank you, I love you all!


You've known the Marauders since day one, from the moment you all entered the Great Hall for the first time to be sorted. Friendships blossomed quickly and you all became inseparable. Being sorted into the same house only added to it. A factor of which you were greatful for.

As the years progessed, you all became quite the little band of mischievous misfits, frequently getting yourselves into trouble although the boys more so. That being said you rarely took part in the practicality of the pranks they pulled. You were still apart of them, of course, but you usually helped plan them out as you never quite got the thrill that the boys did from performing the pranks. It just wasn't your style. Instead you just sat back and watched as the chaos unfolded.

Now that was your entertainment.

It may seem cruel but the pranks which you enjoyed the most were the ones which involved Severus Snape of being the unfortunate victim. You were unsure of why those pranks were your favourite, maybe it was the Slytherin's priceless reaction everytime or maybe it was because it brought James alot of joy and that was what brought you joy?

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