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Request: Hi, can you do one where female reader gets motion sick on train to Hogwarts :) lol

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This was possibly the only part of going back to Hogwarts that you dreaded. The Hogwarts Express. Now it wasn't the train that you hated, on the contrary you thought the train was rather pretty, but it was actually being on the train that was the problem. It made you sick.

You never went on the train that much to contemplate getting medication for your motion sickness although sometimes you wish you did. And today was one of those days. You didn't feel too good anyway so the thought of being on a train for half a day was making you feel nauseous already.

Walking out onto the platform, your eyes immediately fixated on the red train, knowing exactly what's going to happen once you're on. Taking a deep breath, you prepared yourself, despite the ten minutes you still had before the train departed. "You'll be fine, sweetie." Your mum reassured, giving you a soft smile. One that made you feel somewhat at ease. Your dad gave the same gesture.

Hugging them goodbye, you made your way through the mass of students. As you placed one foot on the train and took ahold of the handle just inside of the door, someone called your name. It was James. "Y/n/n. Wait up." He called.

Looking back over your shoulder at the Gryffindor, you smiled, waiting for him. As you did this, you also glanced around him on the off chance of seeing one of the other boys with him, especially Sirius since he now lives with him, but none of them were nowhere to be seen. Moving to the side, you allowed some of the anxious first years, who had gotten confused as to why you'd stopped, past you and onto the train. You momentarily watched them as they got on. Turning your attention back to your friend, you watched as he approached you.

"No Pads?"

James shrugged. "No he left to go find his brother, you're the only other one I've found so far. We've not long arrived ourselves." He commented the moment he reached you, his hand grabbing ahold of the other handle. Both climbing onto the train.

"I'm sure he won't be long." You paused. "He might even be with the others as we speak." You suggested, looking back at him as you walked in front. The pair of you keeping an eye on every compartment you past to see if they're either empty or if your friends are inside.

James smirked. "Yeah and probably cooking up a scheme without us." You just laughed, knowing that this was probably the case if he was indeed with the other two.

The more compartments you checked the more seemingly impossible it was becoming to find the others or an empty compartment at that. You both managing to clear almost three carriages before stumbling upon them.

As James predicted, the three other Gryffindors were in fact coming up with a possible new prank ready for the welcoming feast later tonight. But that wasn't what James huffed about. "Oh come on!" He groaned, throwing his hands up for effect. "You took the window seats." He accused at Peter and Sirius. Remus shook his head, much like you did whereas Peter and Sirius shrugged, acting as if they're innocent.

"Snooze you loose?" Sirius hesitantly said, posing it as more of a question then anything but couldn't ignore the laugh that then irrupted from his chest.

Rolling his eyes and grumbling to himself, James entered the compartment and proceeded to flop onto the seat beside Sirius. Sirius still finding it funny. Peter chuckled as you and Remus just shook your heads once again. You sat beside Remus, opposite James.


It's been several hours into the grueling train journey and you seriously were not feeling too good. The motion sickness kicked in the moment the Hogwarts Express left the safety of London. Now you were somewhere up in the Midlands. The vast amount of green fields and countryside making it difficult to pinpoint exactly. Although by now you should know, but your excuse was the dizziness you were currently experiencing. And you were choosing to stick to that excuse.

Everyone were doing their own thing and so weren't paying much attention to your current state. Remus was in his own world reading, Peter was asleep against the window, James was messing around with a Zonko toy he brought over the summer, and Sirius was frantically writing his History of Magic essay ready for Professor Binns to collect tomorrow.

Removing your jacket, you took a deep breath and closed your eyes, hoping that the darkness would help. Although there was this nagging feeling that told you it wouldn't. "Please don't be sick. Please don't be sick." You mentally begged as the nausea worsened. A cool sweat now forming over your forehead.

Taking another breath you lazily forced yourself to open your eyes as you leaned back. Your head now beginning to hurt. After a moment of silence you groaned. "Sirius can you write any louder?" You snapped, finding the scratching of his quill increasingly annoying.

The scratching stopped. "I-" Sirius began, glancing up from his roll of parchment. He stopped himself from continuing upon seeing the colour in your face... or lack of. "Are you alright? You're pale." He pointed out. Upon hearing Sirius' concern, everyone stopped. Even Peter woke up to see what all the fuse was about.

Putting his book down, Remus turned to you. "Do you need us to get anyone?" He posed, placing the back of his hand to your forehead. You only groaned.

"I don't like being on trains." You grumbled, closing your eyes once again as Remus removed his hand. "I'll be fine once we arrive in Hogsmeade."

There was a silence in the compartment as the four of them glanced between each other. Then it clicked. "You have motion sickness?" Peter spoke, gaining a look from Sirius.

"Makes every journey that tad bit more interesting." You commented sarcastically, opening your eyes to look at them but instantly regretting it as you caught sight of the passing scenery from the window. "Urgh..." You groaned averting your eyes to the floor of the compartment while suppressing the urge to be sick.

They all glanced at each other again, unsure of what to do. That was until an idea popped into Sirius' head. "Oh!" He began, grabbing your attention. "When we were younger, Reg suffered terribly with motion sickness but managed to ease it if he laid down."

You raised an eyebrow at him. "Would that really help?" You thought but didn't see any other option.

"Prehaps if you drank some water as well?" Remus offered, already pulling his waterbottle out from his bag and handing it to you. Thanking him, you took two gulps of the water, already feeling it help ease the nausea and the headache. Screwing the lid back on you handed it back.

"Open the window too." James added, looking to Peter. "Fresh air." He shrugged as if it was obvious the moment he noticed you staring at him.

Shifting in his seat, Remus got you to lie down, placing your head on his lap as Peter opened the window for you. The autumn breeze quickly filling into the compartment as an audible relieved sigh escaped your lips. The building pressure beginning to slowly calm down.

"Any better?" James asked after a moment or two. You nodded.

"A bit, yeah." You muttered as you went to close your eyes again but Sirius stopped you.

"No don't." He warned. "That'll only make it worse. Try keeping your focus on something in the compartment. Something not moving." He said, looking around trying to find something for you before settling on his bag. "Try focusing on this." He said moving it infront of James' feet. "I got more badges on it."

You laughed at this but followed his instructions anyway. It made sense the more you thought about it. If you kept your eyes closed then you had no choice but to feel the nausea and the movement of the train but at least if your eyes are open then you had a chance to override the sensation of wanting to be sick.

For the remainder of the journey, you managed to keep your eyes focused on all the new badges on Sirius' bag. All while the boys kept talking to you. It honestly helped a lot. So by the time the train pulled into Hogsmeade Station, not only had you pretty much memorised the badges on Sirius' bag but your motion sickness had eased a lot.

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