(Request) Happy Birthday- Sirius

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Requested by: almi-245

Request: So it's a Sirius x reader gender and pronouns don't matter but the Reader should be in Hufflepuff and pretty much it's a late birthday gift cause the Reader wants to bring Sirius to a concert and pretty much helps him sneak out of the Black house which is quite a surprise and adventurous? I hope you can start smt with that and take the time you need to write, I don't want to push you to do it as fast as possible! I will be waiting patiently.

A.N: I've gone with gender neutral pronouns, hope that's okay? I don't mean to keep using Queen either for these but I'm never sure what other bands Sirius would like.
**Requests closed (updated: Aug 1st 2021)**


You and Sirius Black have been friends, best friends even, since you were both young. Both yours and Sirius' parents not seeing the harm in the close friendship. That was until you both were sorted into your Hogwarts houses. Sirius in Gryffindor and you in Hufflepuff. Now Walburga and Orion Black have never spoken their dislike for you out loud but you always got that impression from them whenever Sirius invited you around. Which is why getting Sirius to his birthday gift will be a little harder then it needs to be.

You had managed to snag two tickets to see Queen live at Wembley during the first week of the Christmas holidays. You knew he'd love it and so with your parents help managed to book the tickets, however at the time you didn't think about the problem that Sirius' parents would be. But with your Hufflepuff brain and Sirius' addiction to adventure you're sure you'll find a way.

Seeing the Gryffindor up ahead you called out to him. "Pads!" Upon hearing his name the dark haired boy spun on his heel, his eyes landing on yours in a heartbeat. A smile gracing his lips.

"Y/n/n!" He called back. Giving the friend he was with a quick goodbye, he began weaving his way through the students to get to you. You doing the same. "I've not seen you all morning." Sirius comments as he pulls you into a hug the moment you both reach other.

"You can thank Professor Flitwick for that." You pause, as Sirius releases you from the hug. "He gave an extra day for that assignment and so I've been in the library trying to finish it." You explain. Sirius nods but can't help but to laugh. "Laugh all you want Black. Guess it just means I wont give you your birthday present." You shrug before crossing your arms over your chest, pretending not to be bothered. Immediately Sirius stops laughing.

"I didn't mean it, please tell me! What did you get me?" He rattles out like a child, placing his hands on your shoulders and shaking you slightly. His actual birthday was last week but you said in passing to him that you're getting the coolest gift ever which is why it'll be late.

Normally you can withstand his childish behaviour but today you couldn't find the strength and so was quick to burst out laughing. "Okay, okay." You breathed, trying to calm down. Sirius just laughed as well. "How would you react if I told you I got you two tickets to see Queen next month?" You pose, rasing an eyebrow at him to gage his reaction. You knew he'd be thrilled but weren't expecting him to be this thriled.

To begin with Sirius just stared blankly at you as if his mind was trying to process what you said but the moment it did, the Gryfindor smiled. "You didn't?" His smile was growing by the second.

"Oh I did." You nodded with a grin.

With that Sirius jumped up in the air several times before pulling you into a hug again, practically screaming in your ear. His reaction earnt you both stares from other students but you both paid no mind to them. "This is so cool! This is the best gift ever!" He yelled. You winced slightly at how loud his voice was in your ear but you laughed anyway. "I love you so much I could kiss you right now." He threathened, letting you go again.

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