Chapter 1

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A/N : Ok so I've completed this story and I understand that some people are absolutely annoyed with my lack of knowledge with the US military system. 

1. I fully apologize. I wrote this story with just pure adrenaline pumping and ideas flowing. I'm sorry for offending you guys. I really am.

2. I am working on fixing it -- but really slowly. I'm a Junior in university and I try as much as I can to work on my writing.

3. Also, if my spelling or characters get mixed up -- once again I'm sorry guys.  :(

Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy this story (and my other ones as well) LOVE YOU. xx


Nothing we ever want is handed to us. Unless we work really hard for it. 

Said line works only on the path to success job wise I believe. Not for love. Love, as we all know can be terribly unfair and one-sided. Rather unrequited.

You can't work to get love, you earn it. You can't go looking for it, it comes hitting you in the face unexpectedly. 

In my case, there was no way I was going to get Talen Noah Parker to even notice me. Towering at 6'2''at only 20 years old, he got everyone's attention.  He gravitated towards the girls that looked like my sister. Girls that had less substance of sorts. 

Guys flocked to my sister. Sarah Lynn Baker, 18 with big blue eyes that resembled my mother's and was everyone's favorite. She had the petite girl next door look that everyone fell for, but she also had the reputation of being queen bee.

Naturally, that meant she could play anyone with her sharp snake-like tongue. 

 My oldest brother Ryan was best friends with Talen since they were children. 

"Alright, kids. Your mother and I will be back in two days. Don't do anything stupid." my dad said as he loaded his trunk with their luggage. 

"I've let your grandma know we're out. She's agreed to make you some food. Someone just needs to pick it up every day." when my mother said that, everyone looked at me.

"Sure, I'll do it." I smiled.

Trips to grandmas were not Ryan or Sarah's favorite because Nana had always set them straight and had rules they needed to follow. Having parents that were either in the operating room or traveling to conventions mean free reign in the Baker household. 

My grandmother, Rosa was a little eccentric. I loved her so much for that. 

She loved telling stories that had so much life values that I had enjoyed. On top of that, her house was filled with crazy art pieces from when she traveled the world.

Most importantly, I knew she had all the secrets to baking and making the best desserts and pastries and everything else you could think off. And those secrets had been steadily passed on to me.

"Alright, thank you, Kat. Remember you guys, your curfew still applies." my mom warned then gave us all hugs and left with my dad. 

It always pained me when they left. My parents had given me a blessed life. But not having them around for events and just to vent, made things hard. Nana had filled that gap in my life. 

"Talen will be coming over. You guys are free to join us." my brother said walking into the kitchen.

"Cool, I will." my sister said.

"I've got a test to study for." I shrugged and walked up ignoring their snickers.

I was finishing up high school. Acing my AP classes and did everything perfectly. My parents had hoped that I would follow theirs in their footsteps. But I haven't told them what I really wanted to do. Truth is, I didn't think they would even allow it.

Locking myself up in my room, I knew what was bound to happen. Within an hour there would be a party happening downstairs. I loved my siblings. I just didn't know they could just spend most of their time partying. Ryan dropped out from business school, Sarah thought she wanted to model till every agency told her she couldn't because she was only 5'4''. 

2 hours later, when I finally decided that I should feed myself, I joined a whole load of people who were on the first floor. Our house was pretty big, it even had a pool. Avoiding contact with anyone and praying nobody talked to me, I slipped into the kitchen. 

"Jackpot." I said to myself as I spotted boxes of pizza. Unfortunately, I hadn't realized Talen was leaning against the opposite counter talking to a girl I didn't know. 

As I approached the counter, I could hear the girl speaking "You're totally hot. I heard You're enlisting in the NAVY?"

That caught my attention. It startled me actually and caused me to drop my vodka filled cup. He didn't get to answer her because he looked at me. "Hey Kat you ok?"

"I'm fine. It just slipped that's all." I grabbed a plate and placed 2 slices of pizza and rushed back to my room. Leaning against the door, I cursed. The guy I've been in love with is leaving.

The next morning was a typical scene from a movie. Just a thousand times worst actually. Trash was everywhere, there were people in the backyard passed out, one of them being my brother. Not wanting to deal with any of the mess, I grabbed my keys and headed to my grandma's house.

"Nanaaaaaa. I'm here!!" I yelled as I closed her front door.

"Honey, I'm in the kitchen. Come on, time for a lesson." I smiled and walked to the kitchen.

Her kitchen was the most beautiful thing ever. The countertops were wooden and there was a medium-sized brick oven. 

"I'm going to teach you how to make lardy cake Kat. Trust me, you will make someone fall in love with you when you give this to them." she giggled and continued  "You grandpapa fell in love instantly with me. I'm sure it'll work for you too darling."

Love. Something I yearned for desperately from a man. But getting it from the woman in front of me was good enough.

"Only time can tell about that nana. Now what do we need?" I rolled up my sleeves, tied up my long black hair and put on an apron.

"Key ingredient is lard lard lard and more lard. If you want to make it a tad healthier you could add some raisins." she giggled and I laughed with her. We kneaded, rolled and whipped everything from scratch.

"Nana. I'm worried." I decided to blurt out while spreading the lard and sugar mixture onto the plain white dough.

"About what, love?" there was a slight wrinkle on her forehead.

"I have to start applying for university soon. What if they don't let me go to culinary school?" my lips trembled when I looked at her.

"Oh honey, come here. Come hug nana." and I did

"If that happens, you let me deal with them. Promise me you will come to me." she pulled me and looked me straight in the eye.

"I will." I gulped.

"Good now back to kneading and slathering on more of the lard and sugar mixture. Remember not to skimp on that. We Bakers never skimp on anything!" 

I smiled and felt a sense of happiness after a long time.

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