Chapter 7

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" 3 Bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 for the master, 1 that joins the 2 bedrooms and one near the living room for guests. Huge kitchen, sprawling view of the Park." the real estate agent flasher her million dollar smile.

I pulled my grandma to the side for a while "The rent is going to kill us. What happened to something small and cozy?!"

"Honey this is my definition of small and cozy. There's no way I'm downgrading. Besides, I can afford it." she laughed.

It just kept bugging me that technically I was broke as hell now and that I had to rely on my grandma. I've never seen her splash her cash around so I thought she was living withing her means. Turning around. I see her talking to the agent and signing the lease form.

"This is all yours now." the lady dropped the keys into my hand and left.

The space was empty, yet to be filled with everything that was in the U-Haul down on the street.

It took us close to a week to get completely settled into the apartment. In that amount of time, we also managed to get a Mini Cooper to get us around town. 

"You can take it to school, as long as you promise not to do foolish things like drink and drive." she teased me.

"Nana, you know that is so not me. I'd go for parties and stuff, just not driving." 

"Maybe you could try looking for a boyfriend also." she said jokingly.

At that moment, it hit me. I hadn't checked my mail yet. Talen may have sent me emails!

"Honey, I was just kidding. Take your time, find the right one. I know how you feel about.." she said feeling guilty.

"Don't be silly nana. Thank you for the advice. There's no harm in testing the waters like you said. Besides, Talen never noticed me anyway." I shrugged.

I was desperate to turn on my laptop, but not wanting to make things suspicious, I hung around in the living room for a while with nana and then I casually got up to retrieve my laptop. Nestled in the comfort of my new room, I sat on my new wrought iron bed. My fingers were slightly trembling when I clicked open the icon and I noticed that there were two. One from 2 weeks ago and another from yesterday.

The first :


Today, we arrived on the ship. It is huge! But I can't say the same for my room though. I might as well be living in a matchbox. Guess, I should stop complaining right? I chose this for myself. You were the only one who supported me joining the navy. I always thought you would resent me for it. People always told me you were too pampered and that you were just another spoiled girl. You proved them all wrong by being with me. I don't know which other girl would do what you've done with me. 

Anyway, what have you been up to. I hope our web-cam incident didn't ruin anything. Tell me something about you. Anything.

xx Talen.

The second :

It's been two weeks. Is everything ok?  I'm worried Sarah. 

That was it. No usual greetings. I guess... I could reply him.


Sorry, I just got caught up with things around the house. My younger sister stirred some drama. She chose to go to culinary school and my parents were not happy at all with her choice. She left one night to my grandmother's house and my parents went even more crazy. They thought she would come back because they cut her off completely. But I guess she's really not coming back. My parents are worried. Once again, sorry. Now you have my complete attention.

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