Chapter 20

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" I will gladly come with you just to give a piece of my mind to the woman that calls herself your mother." Claire said in rage.

"The nerve of her to act like nothing happened." Bree added.

'You guys, calm down. I did all of that for you. Ryan did the same thing."

" I'm happy he's fine and all.. now just tell us about Talen." Jon grinned like a small kid.

"He's.. he's changed that's for sure. It's noticeable. He doesn't talk much. Mostly just observes everyone. I have a strong feeling that he may have PTSD. I'm not too sure, because Ryan says he's fine."

"How does he look like?" Claire asked.

" Very.... well seasoned. Before he left he looked like your typical young boy. Now, it's like he understands things that people don't. Like, he's seen things that is life changing you know?"

"What happened when he first saw you?" Bree chewed on her popcorn as if it were a really good movie.

But I remembered when he came into Ryan's hospital room. It was like my heart stopped. "It was great for me. I don't know about him. I had the urge to just sit on his lap and hug him." I sighed.

The week flew by without us even realising it. I hung the closed sign and went back to out place. Claire and Bree were loading up their things into the Range Rover.

"You guys are quick." I said getting out of my car.

"Yeah, that's cause we are excited. Let's go sort you out." and we did that for the next 2 hours.

"Wait.. what are we even wearing on Christmas day." I looked at them and was greeted by silence.

"New Year's Eve?" I gulped realising that we completely forgot to get anything.

"Please tell me you bought Christmas presents for your family at least." Claire asked and it was my turn to reply her with silence.

"FUCK! Nana usually reminds me. We need to go right now. To Macy's and Barneys and Norstrom."

"We can try finding stuff now. Get Jon on the phone." I immediately did as she said and 10 minutes later we were in the car.

"I can't believe all of us forgot. It's bloody Christmas. Who forgets to buy things." Jon said.

"Let's just be positive. We can do this." I tried calming everyone down.

We got to Barneys and everyone agreed to split up into twos. "We have literally 2 hours before we have to leave. Nana is going to have my ass for this." 

"Stop it. Just stop. Channel your inner shopping diva. We can do this." Bree said and we skittered of.

Jon came with me  and we really did breeze through. At the make up section I got my mother some lipstick, I got Ryan perfume and my father some fancy electrical shaver. For nana, I got her a fabulous Balmain jacket that she would definitely love. We met with the girls at the dress section and just picked out whatever we could. In the end I chose a really amazing red lace dress for Christmas tomorrow.

For New Year's Eve, I picked out a gold dress. The only time glittery dresses were allowed to be worn according to Claire.

"Phew, we did it." I said shutting the boot.

"Everyone get your stuff into your cars as soon as we reach. Got it?" Jon ordered and we agreed.

Within half an hour later, we were on the slippery highway back to the Hamptons. I enjoyed my drive alone. I had Calvin Harris on full blast. That was until the sound in the car got cut off by my phone ringing.

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