Chapter 15

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"So, this is the space, my kitchen. We have my coal-fire oven which is essential for the bread. I get the fire going as soon as I step in, it's the first thing I do. Over here, we have the pantry. Fully stocked with organic products only. Everything we use is high quality. From the type of flour to the milk and even the fruits. Most of them come from local farms and they are delivered every day." I explained to the camera and the producer.

Yea, it was the day of filming. I woke up early to just take a bit more effort to make sure I didn't look haggard. Yesterday, was yet another day of primping. There was no news from Talen like he said he would. To say I was worried, wouldn't even cut it. 

I sent him emails every day like he asked, and every day I hoped to get a reply. The shoot carried on throughout the day. They focused on me first, then began with Claire and Bree when they started to prep.

By the end of the night, we fell onto the sofa in our apartment with a huge sigh of relief.

"That was.. harder than running the service," Bree said

"Don't start complaining girls. I'm sure once it airs, you'll be needing more help." nana instantly handed us glasses of wine

"She has a point." I moaned

"When will it air?" nana asked scrolling through her calendar

"Next month." Claire typed away on her phone

"My girls.. taking the city by a storm." nana pulled a blanket over us and we fell asleep soon enough.

Someone's been busy. Glad to see that your job you won't fully tell me about is booming, stranger. I hope you don't find this weird.. but I've missed talking to you. I miss you.  The least you could do is let me call you a nickname. We are closer than ever, and I don't want to keep calling you stranger.

I'm obviously not allowed to talk about the mission that I went on. All I can say is, I may have found a new passion. All thanks to you. Your advice really stuck on to me and I managed to come through. I truly could not have carried out without your help.

My best friend Ryan really hates the fact that I have you. To talk to of course..

Talen x

Obviously, I was grinning from ear to ear. Thank god no one was around to see my expression. If Claire or Bree were around, they would definitely snatch my phone away from me.

So he missed me. Thank GOD I wasn't the only one! It had been 3 weeks till he replied. I was relieved beyond words. I guess that's what all the other army wives and families must go through. The fear of not knowing what was going to happen to their loved ones.

I guess you could call me by a nickname. But to make things more interesting... how do you think I actually look like? Based on that, you can call me whatever you want! I was worried about you. It must be tough for your parents as well. Not knowing what's going on with you. If you're alright. 

Hey, no need to thank me. That's what friends are for right? Send my regards to Ryan. 

P.S: I missed you too.


Pocketing my phone, I gathered my things from the kitchen and headed to the gym. I couldn't remember when was the last time I even when into work out. Usually, I would go in the evenings, but that was before the shop opened. Ever since it was open, I didn't get the chance to continue.

"Hey Kat! It's been a while." Miranda, the receptionist smiled at me

"Yea, things at the bakery have been crazy good. But now that I've established a routine and I close up at 7, I'll be here every evening again.

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