Chapter 22

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"What?" I asked pretending as if I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Never mind. It's nothing. I just.. wanted to do that. Sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable." he left to his room.

Did he really just ask me that? I thought to myself as I went into my room. Part of me wanted to say yes. To scream it out in fact, but I just couldn't.

The following day all of us including Marcus who spent the night with Sarah, had breakfast. Courtesy of nana and I of course. We got up and made a widespread of french toast, eggs to order, there was even cereal for those who wanted something simple.

"We have to get a move on the day after tomorrow." Talen's father said.

"That's after we find a place for Talen to stay. We're thinking of leasing a place for him since he has to be in the city to run the offices here and.. for his therapy." his mother added quietly causing Talen's demeanor to change. It was like she was ashamed of it.

"There's nothing wrong with him getting therapy Mrs. Parker. Your son went through a lot and he needs to be treated with it. PTSD is not something that goes away easily." I put her in her place.

I didn't bother seeing Talen's reaction because I knew he wouldn't be bothered. He didn't mutter a single word to me about yesterday. Usually, he would at least give me a small smile.

"He could stay with us. Since Ryan is following his parents back. Right honey?" nana smiled.

"It's fine by me. He won't be intruding. I'll hardly be at home anyway. Work keeps me out most of the day." I smiled hoping that my disdain wouldn't show.

"Thank you Rosa and Kat. Don't worry I'll get my own place soon enough. By myself." he said pointedly to his parents.

In the evening, we decided to get into the city to go skating at Rockefeller center. There were a swarm of people waiting in line but braved the crowd and the cold weather just to skate. Obviously, I wasn't too happy about it.

"Stupid skates. Making my feet ache." I said lacing them up.

"What's put you in a crabby mood?" Jon took over the laces for me.

"He kissed me. Then asked me if I was her." I had to control myself from screaming it out.

That made him stop tying the laces and stare up at me. "You're kidding me. That's why you looked o frazzled. I knew something was up. What do you mean he asked if you were her?" he asked confused then realized what I had meant. "What the hell did you answer?"

"I just asked him what and he said nothing. After that he's been acting like I don't exist." we both stood up holding each other's hands as support to avoid us from tipping over.

"You guys hurry up!!!" Claire and Bree shouted from the ice.

"Coming, coming." I sighed.

Jon and I made it to the ice safely and we huddled at the corner of the rink because Nana insisted that we take pictures. "Smile!! Katerina try to look happy please."

"Sarah, Marcus get into the picture also!" that made me glare at nana. 

What was she thinking these past few days? Getting all cozy with them. Faking another smile, Sarah and Marcus huddled together.

"Where is Talen?" nana asked causing all of us to shrug.

"He's here with me." Ryan waved from a bench.

"Both of you come to the rink. The rest of you come closer to the edge," she ordered. "I can see your sour frown, Katerina. Don't make me come there." she warned.

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