Chapter 2

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Most of the time, people don't believe that I'm even related to Ryan and Sarah. Main reason being I had inherited black hair and green eyes from Nana. The both of them got mom's blonde hair and blue eyes. Growing up, they would always say I was adopted and being a 5 year old, I was devastated. Then I realized they were being total assholes.

As for how I looked now, I was normal in my eyes. I stood at 5'8'' and some would consider me a little chunky.   When my parents got back the next day, I could tell something was wrong when I got back home from nana's.

"What's going on?" I asked as I entered the living room.

"Your brother had apparently signed up for the NAVY. " my mother said through tears.

My father was silent but it looked like he was having a major headache. Th vein on his forehead was literally throbbing. 

"He and Talen." Sarah said quietly.

I couldn't believe my brother did it with him. "I'm useless here guys. I can serve the country. Be a better person. I'm 20 and I don't have direction in my life." he said quietly.

"Talen and I signed up for it a long time ago. All those 'wild' getaways you thought I was on was actually spent at boot camps. We've been trained and are ready to be deployed." he continued. 

"So you decide to walk directly into a war and try to get yourself killed?" my mother said hysterically.

"Mom please, I know you're worried. But I know I can do this. I'll be leaving in a week. I won't be going to 'war' as you think. It's the NAVY and we'll be starting of as seamen."

"Ryan are you serious about this? You know you can't flake out on this." I said quietly.

He nodded and I got up and hugged him. "I love you. I'm proud you want to be responsible. We both know there are other ways you can  prove yourself. But if you're set on this, we can't do anything."

I walked out of the room not wanting to hear what my parents had to say about what I had said. Sarah had followed behind me.

"I can't believe Talen is leaving. After we got together yesterday night." she said sobbing.

My heart stopped and I turned to look at her. "You did?"

"I know you were really into him Kat. But I am too and he's into me." she said it like it wasn't supposed to hurt me at all.

"Wow. Thanks Sarah." I didn't break down till I reached my room.

The week was filled with parties for sending Ryan and Talen off. 

In the middle of the week, My phone rang and I answered it without looking at the caller ID "Yea?"

"Guess who's back in town?!" at the sound of his voice, I started crying.

My best friend was finally back home from visiting his hometown in Malaysia.

"I'll be over in 10." I nodded my head without realizing that he wouldn't know I was. Didn't matter anyway cause he was there like he promised.

Best friends since forever, Jon was every girl's dream guy friend. 

"Talen and Ryan are leaving for the NAVY. On top of that my slut sister got with him even though she knew I liked him. She said she liked him and that he liked her too so there was no way I had a chance. I know maybe there wasn't ever a chance--"

"Stop it right there. Just stop. We've been over this. Talen is just blind and someday he's going to realize it."

"You're right.  I  have to pull myself together. We need to get down to the kitchen. I have a cake to bake." I wiped my face dry and hugged him.

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