Chapter 31

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"Dude, there's a whole load of people out there. Papparazzi included." Jon took a sneal peak out of the window.

"Yea, good, we need the free publicity for this place." Bree smiled looking at their bran new shop in L.A.

The past six months were hectic for the girls. Their tv show took off without a hitch and gained ratings like no other. In fact, the ratings were incredible, they were renewed two season before they were even done filming the first season.

"Is nana here yet? Could someone check the back entrance for me please!" Kat said while she managed her helpers and over seeing everything.

Their new place "K.B.C Bistro & Cafe" was named after them. their initials. It was a hip and modern cafe that served healthy but yet gourmet food. Not as serious as Rosa's back in New York. 

"Hello my loves. Give nana kisses." nana came in smiling.

It was difficult for Kat the first few months, without her nana. She wasn't there to oversee her recovery. But she flew back every month for a few days. They finally managed to sue the person who hit her and he was charged.

Now here she was standing in front of her, perfectly healthy, no more bandages or scars.

"Nanaaaa." Kat ran to her as soon as she heard her voice.

"Hello my baby girl. I could smell the croissants from a block away!" she kissed Kat's forehead.

"Was the plane ride ok? Did you have enough cash for the cabbie? I knew I should have been there to pick you myself--" Kat went on in a rant.

"Honey please. You're worrying me. Everything was fine." Rosa assured her.

"I'm sorry. You can't blame me for worrying. It is your first time travelling ever since the accident."

"Oh shush. I won't have any of it. I'm fine as ever. Now, where do you need me?"

Bree spread the work out evenly and sharp at noon, they opened the doors for their customers. Even some of the papparazzi's couldn't resist coming in to get something to eat.

"Ah, success. Smells exactly like this." Claire said looking at everyone in line as well as those who were staring at the menu in wonder.

The door opened and in came someone holding what looked like two dozen roses.

"Delivery for miss Briana Waters." the person said and showed his face.

"Hey baby!" Bree went to Ryan.

"We don't want the customers having a free porno." Claire reminded the both of them.

"Can't I bring my girlfriend flowers without shade being thrown at me." Ryan tolled his eyes.

"I would throw my shoe at you, so count your blessings buddy." Claire joked.

"Ryan Baker is that you?" nana said coming from behind the kitchen.

"Nana?! What are you doing here? Should you even be here?!" Ryan rushed to her.

"That's what you get for not keeping in touch with her boss man." Kat joined in the fun.

"What? No don't you blame me Kat." he retorted.

"Children please. Just hug me dear boy." Rosa told Ryan and he did just that.

"You guys can't keep standing around here. Go to the office at the back and sit there." Bree instructed, back to her work mode.

"Oh, this side of you turns me on so much." Ryan wiggled his eye brows and earned a smack from Claire.

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