Chapter 16

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"WHAT'S UP CABOOOOOO" Claire yelled from our balcony.

"Get your ass in here. You're going to frighten all the cute boys." I yanked her in

"You need to control your tatas Claire. We can't have you going extra wild." Bree rolled her eyes.

"Did my parents hook us up or what?!" Jon walked in with a bottle of Dom in his hand. 

He popped it open and poured it into the glass flutes that were on the silver platter. "Here's to a mental weekend."

"Yea. Feels good to test run the help we hired." I sipped the cool sweet alcohol.

"Here's the other rule. Any of you mention the bakery, or work related, you are going to have to buy the rest of us shots. So Kat, you owe us all shots." Jon said 

"Oh yea, by the end of the day Kat is going to be the only one sober cause she's gonna be buying us all shots." Claire giggled

"HEYYY I know how to have fun ok. I can go on without talking about what it is we do." I replied

"Uh no you don't. Sorry babe." Bree agreed with them

"Yea, well let's see how this weekend ends. You guys.. I really want to be more out there." I poured more champagne

"We will help you get there. Don't worry. For now, just enjoy this fancy ass room" Jon clinked his glass with mine.

We didn't have to pay for our flights and the accomodation. Jon's parents decided to finally give him the freedom that he deserved. Being Asian and all didn't usualy permit him to have fun at all.

Our room was more of a huge sprawling villa. It could ideally fit 8 people as it had 4 rooms. Instead, we each got our own rooms. We had our own pool which faced the ocean. The water from the pool runs over the edges making it seem as one big illusion that it's connected to the ocean itself.

We had the option of having our own chef which was great, seeing as our plan was to get totally wasted at night. So breakfast would be right here in our living room instead of going to a common area.

"I could definitely get used to this." I thought to myself.

If anything, the last few years thought me about how saving money was so important. As much as we tried to deny it, money rules everything. 

"So do you think there will be cute guys out there?" I looked at them

"I know there will be cute guys."Jon said knowingly

"Tall boys, short boys, asian,spanish, white and every other types of boy." Claire said dreamily

"So tonight we are hitting the pubs?" Bree got up and filled her glass some more.

"Yea I know a place just down the street. Walking distance." Jon was the expert in Cabo. He came here every chance he could.

"Everyone be ready by 8. We could go grab some dinner at a restaurant somewhere." he continued

"What are you guys wearing though?" that in turn led to another hour of discussion.

When I was alone in my room, I set up my computer obviously to check if I had any emails. I made sure my room door was locked so that none of them would walk in on me. I wasn't even allowed to bring it along. But I snuck it in my luggage. 

Sure, I could check my mails on my phone, but I just preferred the wider screen of my laptop. Talen already knew I was on Cabo. Some part of me wished that some way some how, he would be here. Does the NAVY even allow their crew to take short breaks??

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