Chapter 11

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The wine glass nearly slipped out of my hand as I stared at the e-mail in front of me. Why is he emailing me? Was this some kind of joke? I opened it and began to read what he had said.

Dear... whoever you are,

I miss our conversations. If anything, I wish I had a true friend. A friend that can keep me company throughout my journey here. I know it's asking too much of you. After how I acted like a class A jackass, I understand if you don't even reply me. But I've just been going through so much. The things I've seen.. The people who have been hurt, it's taking a toll on me. My parents think I am fine, but that's only because I don't tell them what really is going on. I have been home since deployment a couple of times. I try to pretend like everything is normal. For the most part, it works. My friend Ryan.. he doesn't talk about what we see either. We pretend everything is normal once we get back together. It's too much. I realized that I need a friend. I need you. I apologize for being rude. I really am sorry.


"What am I going to do." I sighed and sank lower into the tub. Ditching the glass, I took a swig straight out of the wine bottle.

Stepping out of the tub, I dried myself and put on my robe, then picked up the computer and went back out into the living room.

"Honey, what's wrong? I thought you were going to bed?" nana looked at me knowing something was up.

I was pretty sure my face looked like it was blank and as if there was no blood running through me at all.

"Yea what's the deal you hoe. We are getting our buzz on." Claire giggled.

"Read this." I said quietly.

The three of them huddled together and as they started reading, their jaws dropped on by one and their eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

"Son of a bitch." Bree whispered.

"Bastard. Real bastard." Claire followed.

"Oh my." nana said.

"I'll be needing this.. possibly more." I grabbed the other bottle of wine that was sitting on the table and drank a good amount.

"Wooahh there missy. Don't go getting hammered. Your big day is tomorrow, remember? You can't let it slip because of this douche bag." Claire pulled the bottle away from me and I pouted.

"You are right. So right." I said with a slur.

"Alright you are coming to sleep with me in my bed." nana got up to steady me.

"Pfft yea right. More like pass out. I don't know how she's going to wake up at the unholy hours that she loves so much." Bree said.

"I'm still here and I can hear you, you cow."

We laughed as they brought me into nana's room and I curled up into her plush sheets.

"I'll be fine. I just need to sleep this off. I'll know how to deal with this in the morning." I murmured.

At 4, I heard something buzzing really loudly. Opening my eyes, I realized that I was in nana's room and she had set the alarm for me. My hands immediately flung towards it to shut it off. Nestled in the warm blankets I sorely regretted drinking last night.

Turning to my right, nana was still asleep thankfully. I got up and had to stifle a moan cause I felt dizzy. I tiptoed to my room and turned on the shower making sure it was hot. I stood under it for a good 5 minutes before stepping back out. I took time to apply lotion and picked out something comfortable to wear. Leggings and our custom made Rosa's t-shirt.

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