Chapter 14

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"So where are we headed to?" I asked putting on my seat belt.

"Well, I thought we'd maybe go to Nobu for sushi?" 

"Oh, sushi is great. I haven't had it in a while." just then the radio played one of my favorite songs. It was Talen's also. Calvin Harris's "feel so close".

Grinning widely I started singing along mentally when all of a sudden the music stopped. "Sorry, I just hate that song. The whole electronic dance music genre to be exact." 

That was a huge no-no for me. He didn't like it so he just turned it off? "That was my favorite song." I said weakly hoping that he'd turn it back on but he didn't.

"I'm more into the oldie stuff and country music. Country music?! Ok I just needed to calm myself down. I'm open to trying out new things. That was part of my new goals right? I'd just make and exception for him. We surely would have more things in common right?


Just so damn fucking wrong. Not only was the entire car ride about how much he loved country music, but he just went on and on listing his favorite singers. I've never met the weirdest Italian ever.

When we reached the restaurant, it turns out that he already pre-ordered the dishes. He wouldn't even let me pick anything else because I quote " I'm paying so I thought I'd choose".

That was when I got up and told him to go fuck himself. "I need a cab." I told the valet service and one was already waiting so I got in.

If someone threw water at me, the heat from my fucking anger would just evaporate it away. Unlocking the front door, the four of them had a shocked expression on their faces.

"What's wrong honey?" nana got up when she saw my expression.

"I'll tell you guys what's wrong. He was a total ass wipe." I threw my coat into the closet not bothering to hang it neatly. Then when I realized I'd be making nana do the work, I opened the door, hung it then slammed it real hard.

"Calm down. Just tell us what happened." nana made me sit in my favorite chair

I explained everything to them and I was greeted my silence. The type of silence that was seething with anger. 

"That bastard." Bree yelled

"Dirty rat bastard. He pays so you can't order?" Claire followed

"Straight men are just so fucking stupid." Jon got up to come hug me

"I'm sorry honey. I didn't know he'd be an asshole." nana pushed a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"I got all dressed up for nothing." I pouted

"Actually.. no. We could go out. It's only 9.30" Claire got up

"Yea we could go to a bar or something. Check guys out. What do you guys say?" Bree smiled

"I totally agree. Nana you up for it?" 

"Me? Are you crazy?"

"Nana, please come. I'll feel better. Who knows, maybe you'll bump into a fine man you're age. Or even better. You could totally get a younger boy." I said causing her to laugh

"Fine. Fine." she agreed.

"I'll go back to my place and be back in an hour with my ride. Be ready bitches. And nana. Sorry." 

I was happy nana was coming with us. She was in great shape and could easily pass as my mother. Her skin glowed and her body was amazing for her age. No doubt she would be the centre of attention for older men tonight. 

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