Chapter 10

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"Where the hell are you? The shop opens in like 3 hours. We need help down here." Jon whined.

"Finishing up in the gym. I thought Claire and Bree said they had everything under control?" I wiped down the gym equipment as I talked to him.

"Yea they do actually. I'm just so bored. Why are there no hot men in this neighbourhood though." I could imagine him pouting.

"Jon, for the love of God I will be there in like an hour. Go do something useful. I'm sure they need help in the kitchen. Kay luv yah baiii." I sang and hung up on him.

It was the big day for the restaurant, and here I was trying to release the stress in the gym.

Bree and Claire had their restaurant opening today and my tiny bakery would open tomorrow morning. The decided to do a brunch tasting that went on to lunch to test the crowd.

"Hey Kat, you're in here earlier then ever." Danny who was one of the personal trainer asked me.

It was true, I usually came into the gym in the evenings as mornings I was always at work trying to come up with recipes and perfecting them. "Yea Danny. The shop is finally opening today. I'll be swamped for sure later on."

He was an attractive, healthy man in his late twenties. He had many admirers from the other women in the gym. "OH yea, I heard about it. I'll drop by after my shift if that's ok with you?"

"Sure, sure. Why not." I smiled. The other ladies always told me that he liked me. I just never had the time to respond to his advances. Between juggling my work at restaurants, and planning the restaurant and baking for the markets, I had no time at all to date.

Since the bakery/restaurant was complete, there was no harm right?

"Great, see you later then." he waved.

By the time I reached the shop, it was 8 and there was already a long line of people. Nobody could wipe off the mega watt smile that was on my face right now. We were supposed to open at 10, but I definitely needed to make it happen faster. There was no way, I could let customers wait outside.

I used the back entrance through the small alley and walked into a fairly calm kitchen. Everyone was prepping for the rush.

"Hey Kat! You made it. So Rosa, Claire and I were thinking to maybe let the customers in now? The line is much longer than we expected." Bree said looking amazing in a power suit.

"Exactly what I was thinking. Let's get this started." I agreed.

"Hold on girls. Let's just huddle up together. No amount of words can explain how proud I am of all of you. You are here because you didn't give up and you didn't take no for an answer. Kick some serious ass today." by the end of nana's speech, we were in tears.

It was true. Sacrifices were made. I decided not to go on exchange to Paris and make this dream come true. The girls knew Paris was a dream for me but I knew we had a great idea going. We had generated a lot of buzz from the media from all the quirky food we were making.

Never had I made a better decision than to stay on with them and make ROSA happen.

"Ok guys! Let's do this." Claire said wiping away her tears.

"Alright, I need my team with me at this station, those with Claire stick to your sides. Cleanliness is key. Wipe down everything. Perfection is key. Nothing less. Everything will pass through me or Claire before it leaves the kitchen. If we don't like it, you are so screwed." I said in all seriousness.

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