Chapter 30

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' The unexpected is what changes our lives.'

It makes us adapt into our true capabilities. In other words, it's life test for us, to truly see if we can withstand life. No school or college exam will ever prepare us for the pure agony that's about to be felt.

Pain. You just have to fight through. Because the truth is, you can't outrun it.

Through the pounding and knocking on the door, Katerina brought herself to take a shower, to wash off whatever sadness she was feeling. She had to be strong. Her nana wouldn't have it any other way. Yet, thinking about her nana made her cry again, under the streaming shower.

"Kat, come on. Open up." she could hear Jon plead.

No, not yet. She wasn't ready to come out.

"Another 5 minutes Katerina. Just another five to wallow, then you're stepping out of here, packing and going back." she told herself, wiping away the tears that blended in with the shower.

Five minutes later, she wiped herself, put on a robe and opened the door. Six pairs of eyes looked at her, noticing that she was calm.

"I'm going to charter a plane out of here. The rest of you are welcome to come along." Kat busied herself by placing her clothes into her suitcase.

"You're scaring me. How are you so calm." Bree sniffled.

"Look, I leave in an hour. Just get out of my way so I can pack." Kat said trying not yell.

Bree looked hurt at her tone of voice and Kat felt bad, but she really needed to get a move on.

"Guys, just leave the room. I need a moment with Kat. If you want to leave with her then get packing." Jon instructed.

Once the room was cleared, Jon took in Kat's appearance. He knew her way too well. They were best friends since forever. Literally. The facade she was putting on didn't fool him at all.

Without saying a word, he hugged her. Like a twig that snapped, Kat started sobbing again.

"It's alright to be sad." he whispered.

"But not to be weak." she said through tears.

"Fine. But you have to understand that snapping at the others isn't going to help. Ok?" he said gently.

Kat shook her head understanding. He then helped her pack the rest of her things.

Stepping out of the room, the girls were all packed and ready to go.

"Talen, Ryan and I will handle the contracts and details with the lawyers. We will join you guys tomorrow." Jon explained.

Kat took in Talen's stone face. She hadn't said anything to him yet. There was just no energy left in her to put effort into whatever game they had between them.

The jet she chartered awaited them at the private air strip and they waved goodbye to the boys. Bree kissed Ryan goodbye as always.

Talen looked at Kat longingly, while she was busily typing away on her Blackberry. She entered the jet without even looking back at him.

The ride back to New York was painfully silent. Kat knew she was rude and this was the chance to apologize.

"Guys, I'm sorry I snapped. I understand that you guys were sad as well. I took it too far with my temper." she said.

"It's alright Kat. We understand." Claire hugged her and Bree joined in.

Landing at the airport, Richard was there to pick them up. He was not the usual charismatic man. Pale and looked like the whole world was on his shoulders, he just hugged Kat tightly.

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