Chapter 39

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"Kat! Everyone is waiting on you! Come on!" Bree said annoyed, but then realised she had interrupted something important. "I'm sorry, I'll tell them you're on the way." she said walking away.

"'No, no. I'm coming." Kat rushed ahead of her, leaving herself and Talen behind.

"I'm sorry I ruined the moment." she said quietly as they walked back into the hall.

"You didn't ruin anything." Talen said quietly. 

He wasn't mad or upset that she hadn't replied him and just rushed off like that. He was terrified she didn't feel that way about him anymore. 

The rest of the night, he kept his distance from her, knowing that she needed it. Yet, he could feel her gaze on him, watching everything he did. Exactly what he did for her.

"You told her didn't you. That you still love her." Ryan said sipping on his whiskey.

"I knew I ruined the moment." Bree said next to him feeling guilty.

"If you're worried about her not feeling the same way, you shouldn't." Jon told.

"Yea, she might have seen other guys apart from you, but she definitely loves you." Caire waved her hand dissmissively.

"She saw other guys?!" Talen said jealous

"That is not the point. You know it." Ryan said calmly.

"You're right." he sighed 


"What do you mean you don't know what to tell him? You love him remember?" Jon yelled at Kat later that night when everything was over and when they were in the hotel suite resting.

"I love him yes. But i leave right after the wedding remember? Paris?" she reminded him.

"That won't change a thing. I'm sure that he'll visit every time he can. The man can afford it. It'll work out."

"I don't know. I just don't." Kat stared into oblivion. She just had too much on her mind at that moment. Nana's wedding was just a couple of days away. Any disaster that was bound to happen needed her attention fully.

"I can't tell you how stupid you are right now." Jon said giving up and heading to his room.

Kat sat in silence basking in what Jon had been right about, her own stupidity. Drinking up the last bit of alcohol she had in her cup, she threw on the dress she was wearing earlier, and her coat, and walked all the way down the hallway and knocked on the door. Talen's door to be exact.

"You need to leave. Otherwise you'll be hearing weird noises." Kat told her brother when he opened the door.

Ryan opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish and just walked out of the room. 

Kat laughed at his reaction, and proceeded to Talen's bedroom. The door was closed, so she knocked on it.

"What is it Ry. I told you I didn't want to be bothered." Kat ignored what he said and knocked more forcefully on the door.

The door swung open and a disheveled Talen stood in front of her. His hair wild in every direction, slight stuble had grown, he was in boxer shorts and a t-shirt. "Kat?"

"Talen." she entered the room, not waiting for his invite.

"Wh-what are you doing here." his gaze followed her as she took off her coat.

"You love me?" she asked.

"I love you. I've always loved you. I should've showed that more instead of taking you for granted. When you walked out the door that night, I should have chased after you. But now that I've got my priorities right, I know I'm ready."

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