Chapter 26

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Between each other's longing looks and subtle flirtations, Talen and Kat's progress with each other was pretty much stagnant. Life took over faster than ever for both goal oriented people. She was busy getting ready for her huge event for the special VIP guests. On top of that, she received a huge surprise call.

"I don't know if you remember me? I was the lady who walked in with my partner.. from the Food Network channel?"  Kat obviously remembered who the lady was. The question was.. why was she calling her?

"Yes, I remember you ma'am. What can I do for you?" Kat's pulse was racing.

"Here at the Food Network, we are looking for someone fresh, someone new who could draw in more younger viewers. We think you'd be an amazing fit. In other words, we'd love for you to come over, just have a feel of the sets, maybe record your own segment of a dessert show?"

Kat had to sit down because she couldn't believe this was happening to her. Never had she dreamed that she would get her own show. Then it hit her.. what about the girls? Won't they bet getting their own also?

"But what about my friends?" she asked nervously. Not sure how she would react if they told her only she would be the only one chosen.

"Right at this moment, my other two partners are on the phone explaining that we want the three of you. A show that reaches out to the young generation, on top of that presented by 3 beautiful ladies? We are crossing our fingers that all three of you help make this a success."

"Yes, my answer is definitely yes." she gushed. She couldn't wait to put down the phone and call the girls.

Great, we'll be in touch with you soon enough. See you soon Ms.Baker." the lady said and hung up.

"DID YOU GUYS GET THE CALL?!" she screamed into the phone as soon as Claire picked up.

Bree and Claire simultaneously screamed their replies and it continued for a good 5 minutes. "Jesus, I can't believe it." Bree wheezed.

They were all panting hard, as if they just ran a marathon. " We never thought we'd get THIS far." Claire said in awe.

Things were going great for Talen as well, he managed to carve his own name at his father's company. It took a while to get everyone's respect, but he knew first hand that respect was earned and so he did just that. 

Landing a huge deal with a very famous broadcasting company, he was finally ready to splurge a little. His NAVY funds was still pretty intact, and about to grow bigger. He had more plans for the company and planned on expanding it to different states. California, to be exact. With Ryan almost off his crutches, and with his physiotherapy, he was near to walking normally again.

It had been a while since he last had a proper conversation with his brown eyed obsession. They had the occasional "hi" "bye" moments. She still sent her delivery boy to deliver his lunch for him.

So when they both entered the building together, they couldn't help but laugh. "It's been a while since I actually saw you." he looked at her, taking in everything he could. Drinking it as if he'd been walking a desert all this while.

Her long hair was tied into a high pony tail, enhancing her sharp jaw line and bone structure. "It has.. You're home early, Mr.Work-a-holic." she too took in how he looked. His slightly messy hair was just callling out to her to smooth it out a litttle. His tie was slightly loosened. How she urged just to yank it down to pull those soft lips down to hers.

"You're one to speak. It's 2 in the morning. You're usually home at 7 and knocked out by 9." he raised his eye brows.

"Well.. I just received good news. The girls and I have been asked by the Food Network Channel to go in and maybe tape our own show." she beamed.

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