Chapter 12

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"He did what?" Jon half jumped put of the chair he was sitting in.

"Yea he said he was sorry." I sipped my 3rd glass of wine.

"You didn't reply him right. Cause if you did, you're just plain stupid." he eyed me.

I tried ever so hard to mask my expression. Not to give anything away. No one knew that I replied him. I lied saying that I didn't.

"No, no I didn't. I know better than to do that." I rolled my eyes as I said it hoping that I convinced him.

"Good girl." he said and we carried on with the night.

The next day when I got up again at 5 in the morning, I wasn't hungover thankfully. I grabbed my laptop and phone and headed to my bakery after my shower. I still get the chills whenever I say it. Jon was obviously passed out on my oh so cozy bed.

Reaching Rosa's I parked at the back like I always did, and entered the kitchen. Flipping on the switches, I set my laptop down onto the main counter so it faced me while I worked. I switched it on then walked into the storage room to choose what I wanted to bake first.

I decided that today, I'd cater more for the breakfast crowd. Yesterday I may have made the wrong move by making the cupcakes in the morning. So today, I thought I'd switch it up. I grab loads of eggs and flour and yeast. 

As usual, I started off by making the standard types of breads, Rye, multigrain, baguettes, white loaves. Then for the perky new things I wanted to do, I made my nana's special brioche bread. I had a really good idea for that.

An hour later, I let everything rest so it could proof. I washed my hands then went back to the computer to check my mail. A few from my suppliers, and.... from Talen. Obviously, I clicked on it to see what he had to say for himself.


Once again, I beg for your forgiveness. Please let's just start over. I yearn for contact with a human that isn't trapped here on this ship.  SO.. my name is Talen as you already know. I respect that you don't want me to know who you are. I guess that means I probably know you? Never mind. Where do you stay? What do you do? 

P.S : It's ok if you don't forgive me. I'll try to make it up to you somehow.

My heart was racing like it always did whenever I read his e-mails. Smiling, I decided to reply

Yo T-ball (yes that is your nickname now), I'll gladly take your offer of making it up to me "somehow". Interested to see how you could ever find out who I really am because my lips are sealed! You are right though, you do know me. I--- live in New York.  I do work but I'm not telling you as what. What I CAN tell you, is that I've worked very hard to be at where I am now. After what I've been through, I'm finally starting to live life a little more.

I hit send and shut the laptop down and placed it aside. It was close to seven so I quickly placed all the loaves of bread into my beautiful stone oven and sealed it tight. The crew started coming in and I gathered them to talk about today's menu.

"Chelsea, grab the chalkboard over here and write what I'm about to say. I thought we'd cater to the breakfast crowd till about 10.30 ish then we start whipping out stuff like cupcakes and cakes. For now, half of you start on the pies as usual, and the other half will stay here and listen to our breakfast specials. Got it?" they gave their usual enthusiastic yell and those who needed to bake pies left.

"So, I've made brioche bread today. I've decided to give French toast a twist. Here is a bucket of almond butter which I made. Just spread it onto the brioche, sprinkle some slivered almonds then place it into the broiler for about 2 minutes. Then, we have a bacon melt. Take a piece of baguette, spread on some butter, lightly toast it, by that time, the bacon and chorizo should be done frying. Assemble,place the specific cheese on the counter then broil it again. Capiche?" they agreed.

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