Chapter 4

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A month later

"Honey can you hear and us clearly?" my mother said excitedly.

Ryan was finally able to video chat with us. "Hey, guys. How is everyone?"

Gone was his thick blonde hair, replaced by a crew cut. He no longer had that playful look about it. I could tell that he was changing slowly. Appearance aside of course.

"We have missed you son. The house is a little quiet now." my father explained.

I had to control myself from rolling my eyes at that statement. When he was here, they would complain about how many parties he would throw. Now that he was gone they missed it? Talk about being hypocrites.

He explained his daily routines which proved how difficult his training was. "Talen and I made many new friends. As a matter of fact, Talen is walking in right now with some guys." he shouted for him to come over.

Sarah adjusted her hair and all I wanted to do was just walk out of the room. "Hello everyone." Talen's green eyes pierced through the screen staring at all of us. His luscious black locks were gone also.

Obviously, all he was looking at was Sarah. "We will give the both of you some privacy." my mother said getting up signaling that I should too.

Casually Walking away slowly, I could hear bits of their conversation.

"I sent you many emails. Why haven't you replied any?" his device reached me right out in the hallway.

"I've been busy, babe. I'm sure you are too right? I'll reply to you whenever I can don't worry."

"It is going to be more difficult after this. We will be heading out to sea in a few days." he sounded so down.

The rest was pretty muffled and there were awkward silent moments. There was a knock on my room door later that day when I was finalizing my applications.

"I need your help." Sarah looked at me.

"Nice to see you, sis." I rolled my eyes.

" I need your help to impress Talen. Help me reply to his emails for me and I'll persuade mom and dad to let you go to that cooking school or whatever it is you want."

Back the fuck up. "You have got to be kidding me Sarah. You know I have feelings got him and you want me to do it for You?"

"It's not like he knows who's replying anyway. Here is my email and shit. Don't worry, he likes me not you." she placed the paper on my table and walked out.

Staring at her email details on my table, I had no idea what I needed to do.

"What's up bitch. " Jon said.

"She wants me to reply to her emails from Talen." I said still in a daze.

"Back the fuck up." he yelled.

"Exactly what I thought."

"Could you come over to my house for the Night?"

" I thought you'd never ask. See you in a bit." as soon as the line went dead, I grabbed some clothes and threw it in a bag and ran out. Stopping in my tracks, I went back in and stared at the folded piece of paper on my desk. As if it were a bomb waiting to be set off, I carefully took it and placed it into my bag.

"I'm going to Jon's house. Be back tomorrow!" I yelled hoping parents would hear before I stepped out.

I've come to terms with the fact my family will never be a closely knit one. We may have money, but we don't spend time with each other. No one truly ever has "the perfect" family. There's always something that's left out. Jon was half Chinese. His mom was from China. So he was brought up strictly even though his dad was a pretty chill guy.

"Hi, Mrs.Martin." I smiled when she opened the door.

"Kat nice to see you Again! Jon is up in his room." she gave me a warm smile.

"I brought you these." I handed her a plastic wrapped tray filled with brownies that I made a few days ago.

"Honey, thank you. We love your baking."  she gave me a little hug and I went to Jon's room.

"What up hoe." I said walking into his room.

"Just put out your spare bed and also, I got some ice cream. My laptop is all prepped for this little situation we have going on." he smirked.

Setting my bag down onto his plush sofa which was in the corner, I took out the piece of paper that had Sarah's info on it and jumped onto his bed.

"So, let me get this straight again. That lazy hoe wants you to do all the work so she can have him all to herself. You better hold me back the next time I'm over at your place, cause I'm gonna kick her so hard her tiny ass brain is going to come out through her nostrils." he vented.

"Whoa there buddy. I'm sure you wouldn't want to destroy your precious Prada shoes or whatever." I rolled my eyes.

"For you, I would my love." he said trying to maintain a straight face while he was at it. Naturally, we both burst out laughing seconds later.

I opened up my sister's email then stared at the screen in surprise at the number of messages from him.

"There are like 7 of them." I said quietly.

"The poor boy. Let's read the first one then work our way to the newest."

"Are we actually going to reply to them?" I said unsurely.

"Let's just read them first. I'm sure it'll be about him whining and complaining about how there isn't any great food there."

"Yea ok."  I clicked open the first one and we read silently.

Half an hour later we both looked at each other. 

"All I can say, is that if we don't reply, we might as well have killed puppies." Jon said quietly.

The e-mails were... were emotional. Talen was not who he seemed to be. Most people thought of him as a shallow rich boy. But I knew the real him, and it was shown throughout each e-mail.

"So we reply him. If it means we get to help him stay strong, I don't mind doing it. As long as you'll be there to pull me out before I get hurt. Right?" I leaned against him.

"You can count on me. Let's get to it."

Dear Talen,

Forgive me, for seeming uninterested in you. But I was preserving myself from feeling the true pain since you left. You're right, even though we hardly know each other, I feel the connection between us. I'm sorry it's been killing you to hear your mother cry every time you call and talk to her.  You will always have me to talk to from now on.

Yours truly, Sarah.

That was only the beginning of my heartbreak.

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