Chapter 21

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"Feels good to just hang like this." we were currently in the girl's apartment this time just lounging about.

"We haven't even gone near the restaurant." Bree smiled dreamily.

"In a way, that's bad because once you have to start working again, it's going to be tough to get back into routine." Jon killed the buzz.

"Why did you have to ruin the moment you whore." Claire smacked him in the head.

"He does have a point you guys.. we open two days after New Years day." I moaned.

"Hello darlings." nana opened the door and had a box of what seemed to be burgers?

"You come with burgers? You are my god now." Jon bowed exaggeratedly.

"So are you ready for the crowd to come back?" nana mocked.

"Meh, I'm just happy we won't be around them all the time. Unlike Jon." I giggled.

"You're lucky you get the two cute guys and I'm stuck with a house of old people." he stuck out his tongue.

"That reminds me. Honey, you need to go get extra towels and stock up on some food." she pulled out a list of things I needed to buy.

It was like she always had a list with her. Always magically pulling it out of her pockets.

"I'll get right on it. Stop by the bakery to see if everything is alright. You guys wanna come?" I looked at them and they suddenly just closed their eyes, pretending as if they were asleep.

"Dogs. All of you are dogs." I kicked their legs lightly and left.

On my drive to the bakery, it suddenly hit me. I remembered giving Talen my old apartment's address if he ever wanted to send me anything. I altered my direction and headed to it.

Knocking on the manager of the building's door, I was greeted by her. "Katerina, such a pleasure to see you again. You must be here for the mails you've been getting. You got one just two days ago. Plenty of other things too. I have it all in a box. Come in and wait."

"Hello to you too Mrs. Wheterby." I laughed because she knew exactly what I wanted.

She came back with a fairly large box. One as big as those boxes in the movies when a person gets fired and places their items into it.

"Thanks Mrs. Whetherby. Happy New Year in advance. Nana says hi." I added.

"You too darling!" she waved from the door.

As soon as I reached the bakery, I opened the locks and set the box on the counter and opened that after.

There were letters, pictures and presents. He still wrote to me even though I didn't.  Talk about this being like The Notebook. 

I decided to save the letters for later, and chose to open the first parcel which was dated a few months ago while I was in Paris.

It was an ankle bracelet. The rope kind which had an anchor pendant on it. Opening the next one, it was a blue box. I squeeled in delight realising that it was Tiffany and Co. ! It was a dainty breacelet with roman numeral numeral numbers. Lastly, my Christmas present.

Opening the box and slowly revealing the dainty white paper that was on it, was a beautiful blanket. I could tell it was hand made from a really good material. I opened it fully to see that it had the initials T and A sown at the edge.  There was a letter as well.

With trembling fingers, I opened it.


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