Chapter 40

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One Year Later

Kat tapped her foot in annoyance, waiting for her two luggages to arrive. Her year in Paris was over, and sure she was offered several jobs. But she knew where her heart belonged. Back in the US with her family, working for herself.

That year apart from Talen really made her grow up in many ways. For the both of them. To say it was difficult being apart was a total lie. It was extremely difficult. 

Jealousy and anxiety got the best of them for the first few months. Her calling him in tears wondering if he was with other women. And him flying over and being extremely pissy that there were other men in her life.

"Why, why do we do this." she sighed after they had made love on her sofa as soon as he came barging into her apartment unexpectedly.

"It's because we're insecure. Look at you baby. My heart just jumps everytime I hear a man in the back ground." he stroked her back, making her move closer to him.

"You can't keep flying over here, and I can't keep crying and swearing at you." she looked at him.

"So what do we do?"

"Simple, we'll trust each other." she pushed him on his back and got on him.

"As long as you promise me I'm the only man you'll ever think of." he pulled her down for a kiss.

"Vice versa to you too."

From then on, things were much better. They hardly fought, and Talen kept his promise of not travelling to see her too many times. Just because he had the money to do so, didn't mean he had to in Kat's opinion. So he just visited her for her birthday. 

It was just a couple of days before New Year, and she was back home. She saw her suitcases come out onto the conveyor belt and moved to get it as quickly as she could.

Strolling through JFK, and making her way to the arrival hall, she started scanning the crowd for her man. She didn't have to look too hard because there he was standing out of the crowd, towering over everyone, and also holding a massive bouquet of red roses.

Talen saw her walking towards him and couldn't help but beam at her. He got to her first, impatient with everyone blocking their paths.

"Hello there handsome." she said before he could get a word in.

She yanked on his tie and brought him lower for a soul searing kiss.  "I missed you." his voice came out deeper than usual, from the lust obviously. "These are for you." he handed her the roses and kissed her lightly again.

"They're beautiful. Thank you."

"Let's get you home shall we?" he took over her trolley and they walked to the car.

They came to an agreement that they'd live together at his place, seeing that she sold her cute place on the outskirts.

Talen talked to her, to keep her distracted from her surroundings. When he pulled into the garage, he made sure she didn't go in first. Because everyone was waiting for her. Rosa wanted a surprise party for her return.

Talen was slightly bugged by that, seeing that he wanted to spend time with her. Nonetheless, he knew Kat would love it.

"Why are you acting weird?" Kat asked as he took the luggages out of the trunk.

"I'm not. Come on let's go in." he said.

As soon as they opened the door that was facing the living room, everyone yelled surprise!

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