Chapter 19

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Driving past all the fancy stores in East Hamptons just brought back so many memories. Most of them were bitter and cringe worthy ones. 

"Looking at your face, I can tell you're remembering all the old stuff." my nana said disapprovingly.

"Hard not to nan. Anyway, you should call mom and ask here what floor Ryan is in. We'll be there in like 10 minutes."

"She already told me the details. Honey you're going to be fine. Just remember, everyone is here for Ryan. It's not going to be about how no one has seen you in a while."

"I sure as hell hope not nan." we didn't discuss about it for the rest of the ride.

When we pulled up to the fancy hospital, she squeezed my hand gently assuring me that everything was going to be alright. I helped her out of the car and we walked into the hospital. It was more like a fancy hotel lobby. 

"They're on the fifth floor. He's awake and conscious and in a stable condition." she said as we got into the elevator.

"I haven't seen anyone in a long time. I don't know how Sarah looks. Do you think she's fat now? God, I hope she is." I laughed

Nana laughed with me "I have no comment on this. I'm supposed to be the good grandmother." she said slyly. The elevators pinged open and we stepped out. It was fairly quiet as the wards were all in the form of private suites so the usual chatter of patients and family members were contained in glass walled rooms.

The sound of my boots verberated through the halls. "Room 506 honey." nan said and we continued walking. I took in a deep breath and released it once we were in front of the door. Tapping it lightly, I opened it and walked in.

My attention was obviously drawn to my brother. He was lying down with the bed slightly inclined, making it easier for him to talk to everyone. His head had bandages wrapped around it and his left foot was raised up by one of those stands.

The usual macho boy was lost. I was staring at a man who was changed by the time of his service.

"Oh Ryan." my lips trembled and I moved to the bed and hugged him lightly making sure not to hurt him more.

"Kat. It's been so long." he said trying not to cry.

"What happened. They told me you were going to lose your leg." a tear slipped out.

"No, it was salvageable. Thanks to Talen. I can't believe you're here Kat. It's been so long since I've seen you, spoken to you." he said.

"Yea, well I had to chase my dream. Enough of that. When is your next check up?" I finally looked around the room to see who else was there.

My mother, father, a gaping and FAT Sarah and Talen's parents.

"Honey, you came. We missed you." my mother cried and hugged me. 

I just lightly tapped her back not knowing what else to do. Honestly, I never really thought about them. They were so eager not to support me anyway.

"Katherina. Good to see you well." my dad said wanting to hug me but all I could muster up was to hold out my hand for him to shake it instead.  There was a flash of hurt that was there but I didn't care.

"Sarah. " I smiled eventhough she looked like she wanted to strangle me.

"What the hell happened to all of us? Why is everyone acting this Way?" Ryan asked.

"Nothing to worry about Ryan. We'll get into this some other time." my mother covered up.

"Mr. and Mr.s Parker. Great to see you guys." I awkwardly hugged the both of them. 

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