Chapter 9: I've Only Returned

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Diana's POV

"I did not use dark magic to summon her" Athanasia immediately said as she entered to her room.

Lily and I turned our eyes at the young woman with golden hair and a jewelled eyes. A soft chuckle escaped from my lips when Athanasia locked the door.

Before Athanasia came, Lily and I talked about many things. She told me stories about Athanasia, especially when she was just a child. I find it cute and adorable... But I wasn't there to witness it.

I wasn't there to witness her first word, her first steps, or her first laugh. I just realized how unfortunate I am. Lily took over the duty as a mother for me, and even I can't remember any of my memories here in Obelia, I can't help but realize how unfortunate I am.

"You're too offensive, Athy" I chuckled. She stared back at me before pouting her lips.

"I know" She replied. "But Mama, how do you explain this? How did Lily... find out?" She asked.

How adorable.

I pick up a berry and put it on my mouth. "She entered the room, and I wasn't prepared to hide, I said we should wait for you to come back and we talked while eating. That's why" I explained.

The word 'Seriously?' is all over her face when she heard my explanation. I can't help it but to mouth her 'It's okay' while chuckling.

I signalled Athanasia sit down beside me, she nodded her head before following what I said. "Lily doesn't look like in panic" I heard her whispered.

"I made her calm down before you came back" I replied. Athanasia looked relieved when she heard that. "Now's the time to explain it to her, she can be a great help to us, besides, It is better to keep her informed, she's worried for you don't you know?" I whispered to Athanasia.

Guilt is visible on Athy's eyes. She glances at Lily who is smiling at her before taking a deep breath. "I'm sorry Lily..." She said. "I'm sorry for worrying you"

"Oh, Princess" Lily replied with teary eyes. "It's doesn't matter, I will always understand you," she said.

A smile formed on my lips when I heard it. On my story, It was Lily who stayed beside Athanasia until her end, she remained loyal to Athy and loved her like her own child.

I never thought that even on this timeline or dimension, Lilian York will always be like this to Athanasia.

"I'm sorry Lily" Athanasia repeatedly said. She hugs Lily tightly like a lost child. "I'm sorry for worrying you."

"I Understand" Lily Replied, before turning her gaze on me. "But Princess, Can you explain to me first what's happening right now? How did Lady Diana come back here?" She asked.

Athanasia returned to her seat. I patted her head as I started to state my opening question. "Do you believe in Reincarnation?" I asked.

"Pardon Lady Diana?"

"Do you believe in other dimensions?" I asked again.

Lilian shook her head.

"Then from now on, you have to believe in it." I simply uttered. "Lily, I am the reincarnation of your Lady Diana. I came from another dimension, I wasn't supposed to be here, but fortunately. A magician brought me here for Athanasia."

"I know it is hard to believe but I'm telling the truth, I have evidence. There's a device we call 'Phone' from our world. I accidentally brought it here, I can show you if you want..."

"My Lady, There's no need! I believe in you, but Lady Diana, if you are... Why are you keeping yourself hidden on the Princess' room? Reincarnation or not, you are still Lady Diana, I am sure that His Majesty will rejoice if he knew that you came back..." She said.

I remained silent for a moment.

Claude will rejoice? Why?

"If that is only easy..." Athanasia uttered. "But if we let my Mama to be exposed, they might think that Papa Claude or I used Dark magic. Everybody knows the consequence if someone in the position was proved using Dark magic, the enemies might use this against us"

"Athanasia..." I murmured.

"Besides, We have many problems, Lily. We can't let another form of a problem to take in, that's why we're both keeping it a secret." Athanasia explained to her.

"She's right. Only the four of us knows about this secret... I hope your full cooperation..." I added.

Lily quickly nodded her head. She immediately stands up and gave me a surprise hug. "Lily..." I whispered.

"My Lady... I am really glad that you came back" I felt her tears watering my shoulder. I lift up my arms to hug her back.

I don't have any memories with Lily, but somehow, I can feel my heart rejoicing for meeting her on this lifetime.

"I may not remember you, Lily. But I am happy to meet you." I whispered to her.

She continued crying on her shoulder. Athanasia hugged her too to make her calm down.

I wonder. What exactly is my personality when I am in my previous life? What did I do to make this woman cry for only coming back here?

I am starting to get curious about my previous life.

"My Lady. You said you came from another dimension... Do you have plans to return to your current world?" Lily asked me as we parted our body. I noticed Athanasia's eyes we're on me too. "It is possible that you have your own family to your world. Lady Diana... Are you going to return to your real world?"

Silence envelopes the room. This time is the right time to decide.

"I have nothing to return to..." I said. "My Daughter is here, Lily is here. Then it only means that I've only returned to my real world and real family. I won't leave you." I assured them.

"Thank God," she said. "Thank you... Thank you for bringing her back" Lily repeatedly said. "Thank you..."

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