Chapter 28: Marry Me

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"Resurrection..." Athanasia uttered. Her fist clenched for a moment. 

"Yes," Lucas replied. "That's why that flower really suits your uncle, but what bothers me the most is if he knows that Lady Dianne is your mom from another dimension, but the most possible explanation is..." Lucas paused.

"Aeternitas saw that Lady Diana has a peculiar soul and body and since he already saw the Lady here, he might already have a suspicion about your mom." Lucas continued to play with Athy's hair. "The worst-case scenario is if he kidnapped your mom"

"No way!"

Lucas smirked as he flicked Athanasia's forehead. "Sure, who knows if your uncle has a crush on your mom already?"

"Damn Lucas, don't say such scary things. If Papa heard you, you'll be kicked out of this palace right away" Athanasia warned the magician. She took a deep breath while evaluating Lucas's statement. "Okay, I made my mind up already..."

The Princess glanced at the magician with determination. "You have to teach me magic!"



Diana who was sitting at the settee in His Majesty's room was currently busy coaxing her Lover who was now acting like a cute drowsy dragon on her shoulders. They have been in that position for hours but the emperor seems to enjoy it for some unknown reasons.

"I thought we're going on a date?" Diana asked while caressing Claude's hair. "Why are you acting like this?"

"We're already dating" Claude replied in a sleepy tone. Diana could only chuckle when he said that. "and we're going to date for the whole day" Claude uttered once again.

"Sure, sure, and I bet you're sleepy now, why don't you sleep for a while, Your Highness?" Diana said while poking Claude's cheeks. "How can we date if you'll be sleepy for the whole day?" She teased.

Claude who is resting on her shoulder raised his head as he glanced at his Diana. The truth is up until he's still scared that Diana would suddenly disappear from his eyes. Just like the nights where he can saw her with him but she will suddenly disappear when he touches her.

The truth is if it's possible he doesn't even want to close his eyes.

He suddenly straightened his body as he caressed Diana's cheeks. "Okay, I will sleep," He said while staring into her ruby eyes. "But you have to sleep with me, otherwise I won't let you sleep for tonight"

Diana almost choked from her own breath when Claude said it, she doesn't know if her brain is green or she's not just dumb to not understand it. How could he pull that kind of line in front of her?

Now, she won't be able to sleep while remembering his words.

For the second time around, she will ask this question...

Where's Athanasia when her father is seducing her?!

Her face turned pink while giving her Claude an indifferent look. "Stop pulling those types of lines, will you?" She said while trying not to stutter, but instead of listening to her a smirk appeared on Claude's face.

"What lines?" He asked. His face went closer to his Lover's face, He noticed that Diana's face is turning red. "Perhaps you don't want to sleep tonight? I'm fine with it" He said with a smirk.

Damn! Diana knows it! He is teasing her! And Diana knows that she won't be able to counter it with her own wits.

Sly lines plus handsome face! 

Equals stammer and lots of blushing! 

Will she be able to reply? or Choose the second choice and expose that Lucas is currently with Athy to escape the slyness of this Emperor? 

Diana took a deep breath and placed both of her hands at Claude's cheeks. "You know what, Your Highness? Just be quiet and sleep" She said. Claude was about to say another word. However, Diana used her right hand to cover his mouth. 

"Sleep tight the moon smiles down on you" 

Claude suddenly halted when Diana started to sing. He suddenly became dumbfounded when he heard Diana's soft voice singing for him.

"Goodbye to the day--" Diana stopped singing when Claude licked her hand. "Y-you're not supposed to do that!" She said while blushing. She quickly pulled back her hand but Claude suddenly hugged her.

"Alright, keep singing," He chuckled. Diana took a deep sigh as she rested her back at the arms of the settee as Claude clings on her. "I'll sleep with you"

"Okay, Baby Dragon" Diana replied as she let out a soft laugh. She doesn't know if Claude is acting cute or seducing her but let him do what he wants, it's not Diana doesn't like it when he acts like this.

"The baby smiles at the stars too" She continued to sing. 

"Tomorrow will bring a brighter morrow"

"So dream, a pretty dream"

"And sleep my love" and then Diana ended her song replacing the 'My Child' into 'My love' 

"Goodnight Your highness" She whispered as she placed a soft kiss on his head. Claude felt that kiss raised his head once again and glance at Diana. There was a slight frown on his forehead which made Diana confused.

"I'm not your child," He demanded. "I'm your man. So, kiss me here," he said while pointing to his lips. He was acting like a spoiled child, is this really the cold-hearted emperor? Of course yes, but it's only when he's with Diana.

"You're seriously..." Diana paused. "Okay fine," She said then a warm smile appeared on her face. She quickly kissed him on her lips. 


"Not enough"

"You're doing it again, stop demanding I really will cancel our date" Diana replied while poking his cheeks. He frowned again as he hugged her body tighter. "Don't show me that face, you started it"

"You're neglecting me again," He said. "I was only saying that It wasn't enough"

"I wasn't neglecting you," Diana replied. "Can't you see that I'm trying to make you sleep? I thought you're sleep---" Diana stopped talking when she felt that Claude stole a kiss from her. Her face blushed once again as she covers her face.

"Okay, I understand" Claude chuckled. "But before that..."

"What? What are you going to do again?" Diana said while hiding her face. This big man is really taking all of his chances while Athanasia is not present! Sly man! 

He was only supposed to visit her at the veranda and trade some chocolates with Athanasia, but this man used his chance to 'punish' Athanasia for letting a man into her room to take Diana away! He is even using the 'date' card for this!

"I'm not doing anything" Claude replied. "But I've decided to ask your hand for marriage," He said.

Diana became surprised as she quickly glances at Claude. 

"Marry me, Diana"


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