Chapter 2: Shocking Truth

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'Where... Am I?"

Diana asked herself. She unconsciously stared at the ceiling, wondering as if something strange had happened to her. The place is familiar yet unfamiliar, the design of the area is far from her room, and the bed... Is very comfortable.

'Is this a dream? If it is then...'

"Mother..." A strange voice echoed on her ears. "Mother are you awake?" Diana felt a hand holding onto hers. The touch is very light like feathers, yet her is heart glimmering with joy as if she's longing for that touch for a very long time.

'Mother....?' She asked.

"Idiot. Don't call her mother yet, you might shock her."

"Don't talk as if you're not the one who brought her here." A feminine voice replied. "Hey! She's not talking, She's not even moving, did you do something weird to her?"

"Ungrateful woman, Can't you at least be grateful because I brought your mother to you?"

"And what do you want me to do? Praise you? Oh! Thank you Lord Magician, I am really grateful to receive such an unexpected gift from you~ Tsk... Lucas you Bastard! Did you even ask her permission?!"

"Oh about that...."

"Where am I?" Diana Interrupted the clash between the two. She's now wide awake after witnessing the argument between the young teens. She forcefully tried to get up from the bed, but the young woman immediately comes to her to help.

Diana's eyes locked at the long golden hair of the young woman, her hair stunned Diana for a while.

'Golden as mine'

"Mother are you alright?" The girl asked while holding onto her. Diana can finally have a glimpse from the young woman's face. Her heart stopped for a heartbeat.

'SHE EXACTLY LOOKS LIKE ME! but her eyes are crystal blue... Like a jewel. Her white skin compliments her beautiful outfit well. She's very beautiful, no, no, no she's far from beautiful... She is gorgeous.'


"Mo...ther..?" Diana made a confused look.

'She called me mother, since when did   I become a mother? I can't even remember myself getting pregnant... maybe this whole thing is only a dream.'

"Lucas, Explain it to her!"

"Me? Why me? You're the daughter aren't you?"


"Fine! Fine! I'll do it"

Diana glance at the young man talking to the girl. Diana's expressions changed. She immediately raised her hand and point it to the boy.

'The young man from the grocery!' She recalled. 'Did he brought me here? Impossible, very impossible.. "

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