The White Magician

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Not a chapter! but this is a WMMAP one-shot fanfiction. Just wanted to share it with you! Enjoy!

Anyway... I don't know but I think this type of fanfiction is kinda... rare?


What if there was a White Magician who is called Luna?

"Damn, I'm really bad in directions" A woman with white hair spoke as she hurriedly wanders around the forest. "I have to hurry before he gave up his position..." The woman said.

The woman stopped talking when she saw the man with long black hair lying peacefully on the ground.

He is comfortably sleeping just like an innocent child. The woman felt lonely when he saw him in that state. "I was late," The woman said. "Sweet dreams... Lucas"

The white-haired woman lifts her head to look up at the sky. "Damn it. Master, looks like your second disciple decided to give up the tower." She then glanced back at the sleeping magician "Black tower magician" She spoke. "One day you shall wake up and meet the woman that you will marry"

She let out a sigh before turning her back "There's no reason to stay here" The woman took out a magical fruit from her pocket. "Tsk, I wanted to brag him about this fruit. It took me a lot of power because I traveled at the time where that tree would bear its fruit. Damn you Black Tower Magician, you dared to fell asleep before I could finally come back"

The woman bites the fruit as she walks away. She could feel the mana circulating around her body, The mana that she lost while traveling to the world's tree has now regained.

A smirk appeared on her face. "Sorry, little second disciple looks like the only thing that the tree could give to you is its branch. I didn't mean to travel a hundred years in the future to take the last fruit of the tree."

"I swear, this big sister of yours shall create some fun for you little Lucas Hahaha~"

The Black tower magician is known to be the most powerful magician in history. The name of that magician is Lucas, who now fell asleep and was bound to wake up by a little girl after many years. But nobody knows the existence of a certain magician. The woman counterpart of the Black magician.

It was Luna, the white magician.

Both of the magicians were raised by the same master. The two never really get along, but the First Desciple treats Lucas as her sibling.

"I bet that brat would forget my existence when he wakes up" Luna pouts her lips as she travels around the forest. "How sad"

The white magician suddenly hears a cry from afar. She silently followed the sound and the sound brought her to the part of the forest nearing a palace. She saw a little man crying at the corner.

The little man has unruly, shouldered-length dirty blonde hair. Luna approaches the crying child. "Hey, kiddo. Why are you crying? You disturb me from afar" The magician. The kid lifts his head and stared at the beautiful woman in front of him. "Cool, your eyes are jeweled blue" she commented.

But the color eyes aren't that bright. It's dull.

If he smiles his eyes could've been brighter.

Is he a royal?

"Are you lost? Why are you crying?" The woman asked again.

"F-fairy" The child replied to her. The child seemed to be captivated by her looks.

"I am not a fairy but I'm a magician" The woman motioned her hands to create little sparkling lights on her hand. But she noticed that the child became more depressed when she mentioned 'Magician' "Why are you sad?"

"Because I'm ugly and I'm weak" The child replies. Luna was shocked when she heard it from the child.

"Who's the stupid one who called you that?" Luna asked while frowning.

"The Black Tower Magician" The child replied.

"That brat--!" Luna reacted. She knows that Lucas is not a good person, but it was a little rude to call a child like that! That little brat. When will he learn? "Do not listen to that brat, kiddo. He's only in a bad mood. Besides, that brat magician did go through many hardships"

The Blonde-haired child looks at the ground.

"Should I compensate you?" Luna asked. "Anyway, Are you part of royalty? That eye is quite rare. Looks like I know why you meet Lucas."

"I-I am a royalty" The child replies.

"Well, I'm not surprised at all" Luna whispered while glancing at the child. "Children are really cute" then she giggles. "What's your name then?" The woman asked.

The child shyly took a glance at the white-haired woman. "A-Aeternitas De Aljer O-Obelia..."

"Aeternitas...Hmmm it means Eternity, Your name sounds good" Luna smiles at the child. She offers her slender and peerless white hand to the child. When the child touched her hand it feels like he is touching cotton because it's so soft. "Hmm, Do you want to learn magic?" she asked.

The child nodded his head excitedly when she asked that.

"Good, I may not be as good as that little rascal but I can teach you a lot. Anyway, Your highness, my name is Luna. I am the white magician"

"N-not witch?"

"Well, although I am a woman, I preferred to be called magician than a witch. It's sound more pleasant" Luna carried the child. "You said you are a royalty, which means that you are a prince. Are you the only child?"

"I am..."

"Ho? Really? Then I'll be teaching the future emperor. You should listen well alright?"


"You shall call me Master Luna" Luna spoke while walking.

"C-can I call you fairy instead of master?" The child asked innocently. The woman stopped walking as she glances at the child's face. She smiles at him warmly.

"Sure" She replied.

'Damn, Lucas. Should I nag you a lot when you wake up? How could you say something bad to a child' Luna thought

"Then moon f-fairy" The child suddenly spoke. "I will become the greatest emperor in the future," Aeternitas said. The leaves fluttered when a strong wind occurs. "Can I make you my Empress?"

Luna was shocked because of the child's statement but the shock faded and turned into laughter. She patted the head of the young boy and continues to walk. "Alright. I'll wait for you to grow up"

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