Chapter 22: Lady Margarita

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Waist-length brown hair with straight bangs falling into her jewel-blue eyes. Diana cannot take off her eyes from the beauty of the young woman. It was exactly how she described the young lady in her novel.

The character that she used to write was now in front of her.

Jennette Margarita.

The protagonist of 'The Lovely Princess'

The young woman who managed to melt Claude's icy heart with her sunny personality and angelic heart. 

Jennette was the daughter of Penelope Margarita, the ex-fiance of the current emperor. His beloved.

'I actually felt bitt- Cringe! when I wrote that part...' Diana thought when she remembers Penelope. 'Well, I was the one who wrote that character tho...'

According to the novel, the young Jennette inherited the beauty of her mother. Her beautiful brown hair, her face but her blue eyes...

'Was something that resembles Athanasia's and Claude's eyes' 

A beautiful blue jeweled eyes.

Jennette Margarita was such a wonderful character, but because of this, the Athanasia in Diana's novel suffered. 

She was framed by poisoning the protagonist and died to such a meaningless death.

In the hands of her father.

'But that won't happen right?' Diana kept staring at Jennette. 'I believe that it won't happen because the flow of that novel wasn't following our current situation, and it is very different from that novel. I will make sure that it won't happen since I am here!"

"Good Afternoon, Princess" Jennette sweetly to Athanasia. "Thank you for inviting me"

"Good Afternoon as well, Lady Margarita. Come on and sit with us" Athanasia replied.

Jennette sat down beside Athanasia. 

'Wow, They really look like they're best friends'  Diana thought. 'What a wonderful sight. They look like an angel!'

"Princess. Is she the lady that you were talking about?" Jennette asked Athy. Athanasia proudly said 'Yes' to the young lady. "She looks exactly how the princess described her"

"Like a fairy, A Night fairy!"


Diana unconsciously pointed at herself. "P-pardon? Are you talking about me?" Diana asked Jennette. Diana's face was slightly pink. "You flattered me, young lady. You are beautiful as well" She said with a smile on her face.

Jennette was suddenly captivated by the beauty of the black-haired woman called 'Dianne' She can somehow remember something with that beauty.

In Jennette's eyes, Dianne somehow looks like Princess Athanasia with black hair. The woman really resembles her.

"Oh, I haven't formally introduced myself to you, I am Dianne! A friend of princess Athanasia. It is a pleasure to meet you" Diana suddenly spoke. Her hair fluttered when a wind approaches. She immediately brushes her disguised hair with her bare hands. "Forgive me for the lack of manners. As you can see... I am only a commoner who happened to befriend the princess"

"N-no problem! I think I like the Lady Dianne's personality" Jennette replied to Diana. "Anyway, I am Jennette Margarita. Lady Dianne. I am grateful to meet the Princess's friend"

"Thank you. You are such a sweet child" Diana gave the young woman a warm child. 

"Lady Diana is sweet too, I think I know why Princess likes you" Jennette replied with shining eyes. 

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