Chapter 26: Do You Want Her?

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"My Lady, Did you enjoy your picnic with the Princess?" 

A black-haired man asked Jennette as she entered the carriage. Jennette smiled brightly at Anastacius. "Yes, it was fun!" Jennette replied with an excited tone. "Actually..." She wanted to say more but she was hesitating...

Anastacius gave her a kind smile. "If you want, you can tell me," He calmly said to her. "Last night you look so lonely, but today your face is filled with smiles. I wonder what made the lady so happy?"

Jennette started to fidget her hands. "Mister... Promise that you won't tell it to anybody, alright?" Jennette said. "When the princess invited me for a picnic, I met a warm Lady. Just like mister, she's really different from the other adults" Jennette started. "Although, I didn't meet the emperor today. I was really happy to be with the princess and to meet that warm Lady"

"Is she the reason for your smiles?" Anastacius asked.

Jennette quickly nodded her head. "Her name is Lady Dianne, and she is really kind to me, she's really fun to talk to and her wits and humor are really funny. She's really beautiful like a Night fairy! I actually wanted to call her Midnight Goddess but it seems that the Lady doesn't to want to be called like that" 

"If the Lady describes her as a Midnight Goddess, then this Lady must be really beautiful"

"She is! Her hair is midnight as mister's hair, it's the same thing as her eyes, and her smiles are really pretty" Jennette's eyes fell on her hands. "Mister... last night when I told you that I felt like I was alone... That... Even if you are kind to me, I feel that there was a distance between us, especially with Ijekiel, I really do mean it but..."

(AN: She was talking about Chapter 82 on manhwa)

"Today, I didn't feel alone at all. Although it was the first time that I met the Lady, her warmth didn't make me feel that there was a distance between us at all. I think that it was also the reason why the princess likes her" Jennette smiled warmly as she raised her head to meet Anastacius eyes. "I also want to be friends with her!"

Anastacius eyes wide in flash, he suddenly felt the urge to pat Jennette's head. "Lady Margarita really likes that Lady," he said.

"It's a shame that you didn't meet her" The young lady sadly replied. 

The man laughs softly as he pats Jennette's head. "I did meet her and she's also beautiful as you tried to describe her" 


"The truth is I met her when I was in siodonna. Sadly, her daughter immediately came to take her away" Anastacius eyes became red and then turns back into black instantly. "I thought that I will never meet her again but I was surprised when I saw her at the palace."

"The Lady... has a daughter?" Jennette's eyes went wide. "I bet that she is also a beauty"

"I think so..." Anastacius replied with hesitation. 

"Well, I want to meet her daughter too" Jennette smiled sadly. "It's a shame that I didn't manage to greet Lady Dianne a goodbye. I wonder how she is? The princess and I tried to search for her when she said that she will tour herself around the palace. It's so sad that I have to part with them so soon"

"Don't be sad, you'll meet her again"

"I wish..." Jennette replied as she looks outside the carriage with a dreamy look. "I want to be friends with her..."

"Do you..." Anastacius suddenly said. "Do you really want be friends with her?" He asked. Jennette noticed that the mister's eyes turned blue for a moment. "Are you sure?"

"Of course..." Jennette replied. Her face became confused. "Why do you ask that... Mister?"

"You seemed to like her more than the Emperor, you could be friends with her, but it doesn't seem enough. Don't you think so?" A kind smile appeared on the gentleman's face. "My Lady, don't get me wrong, but I know that you sincerely wanted to be friends with the warm lady. However..."

"Her warmth resembles a warmth of a mother, right? I wonder if Lady Margarita thought about this, but Instead of becoming her friend..." Anastacius paused. "I think being her daughter must be a good choice too"


"My Lady also wants her as a mother, Correct?"


"Red Spider Lilies..." Athanasia was taken aback when she heard it from her Papa. "What... what's happening, Papa? Was there someone threatening Mama?" Athanasia asked worriedly. "Mama, are you hurt?"

'Red Spider Lilies symbolism means death' Athanasia suddenly thought. 'However...' Athanasia glanced at her Mama 'It can also mean Ressurection...'

"Hey, hey calm down, my sweety. I wasn't hurt" Diana replied in assurance. Her face suddenly turned to Claude who was angry as a volcano. "You too big dragon, calm yourself first before I tell you" Diana was about to get away from Claude's arms but the emperor didn't allow her and hugged her tightly instead.

For the person who lost his beloved once, this incident was somehow traumatic. If Claude would lose Diana once again, he doesn't know if he could take the pain again. He better die than to lose Diana or his precious daughter.

That's why he had to make sure that nothing bad will happen to them. Even if it means accepting the help of the Black Tower Magician. Whoever the man who was threatening his beloved's life, he will surely find him.

"This incident might be connected to black magic I felt a while ago" Lucas suddenly said. He was casually sitting on a couch while looking at Athanasia. "Did you accept the Red Spider Lily, Lady Diana?" Lucas asked her. Diana glanced at the magician as she shakes her head.

"I didn't, I suddenly remembered your advice back in Siodonna" Diana replied while hugging her angry dragon. "That man is really suspicious, I'm not dumb to accept a Spider Lily"

"Thank God, Mama" Athanasia said in relief, "I was really worried when Jennette and I couldn't find you, that's why I asked papa to..." Athanasia paused. "Papa to..." Athanasia suddenly shrieked when she noticed the man who is currently hugging her mama. 

"P-papa... to.." She said in a nervous tone.

Diana was confused when she saw her daughter's reaction, however when her eyes landed on Lucas...

"Lucas you..." Diana gulped as she glanced back at Claude. "Lucas you're..." Diana couldn't complete her sentence. 'RIP my son-in-law' She said to herself. 

"Why don't you continue your words?" Claude asked. The emperor is now emitting a cold aura in his body. His jeweled eyes suddenly landed on the Black Tower Magician. "What are you doing in my Daughter's Room, Magician?"

"What's wrong? I have Lady Diana's permission..."


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