Chapter 18: Explaining to Claude

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'Help... Help me!!'

Diana thought to herself while sitting on a chair. Claude was intently looking at her while waiting for her explanation. Diana doesn't know how to start to explain everything to her lover. She can't even utter a word.

'Why is it too hard to explain everything to Claude? As far as I remember. When I am explaining it to Lily everything went smoothly"

"Where do you want me to start?" She asked the emperor. Diana bit her lips while trying to gather her words. But Claude only chuckled when he saw her nervous face.

Claude clasped his fingers. "How did you come back? Why now? Why not earlier?" A flash of sadness and longing filled the atmosphere. "Why did you hide from me? "

"I... I wasn't supposed to be here. I wasn't supposed to come back here in Obelia" Diana started to explain. But Claude's expression went dark when he heard her first statements. He immediately stands up to and cornered Diana to her seat.

"What did you say?" He asked.

Diana gulped a lump from her throat. She's not scared of Claude but for peter's sake, She can see Claude's abs and it is freaking right in front of her! "Wait! Don't get the wrong idea. Let me finish my words" Diana heave out a deep breathe "I wasn't supposed to be here because I am only the reincarnation of Athy's mother"

"I didn't belong to this world anymore, Claude. I belong to a different dimension and different time. I was only fortunate because someone brought me here" She explained to him. Claude seemed to calm down, but a sight of confusion is visible on his handsome face. 'Should I tell him about Lucas? It might become a problem. I should consult my daughter first' 

"What do you mean?" He asked as his face went closer to his lover. "What another world?"

"It is hard to explain... but someone brought me here as a gift for my-- o-our daughter. As you can see I am not really the Diana from siodonna... I don't have any memories of my past life. I don't have any memories of us" Diana hopefully stared at the emperor's face.

"That's one of the reasons why Athanasia and I hid my existence from you plus if we were to expose my identity or my appearance. People might think that I am a work of black magic. It might tarnish the royalty's reputation. I don't want to be used against you and my daughter"

Claude's expression became softer "Will you stay here?" He asked like a lost child. He placed his right hand on Diana's elegant golden hair. "You won't leave us, right? Our... our daughter. You will stay here, right? You won't come back to your world. I don't care if being with you will destroy this kingdom. As long as you won't leave me again"

Diana remained in silence. Seeing Claude like this... seems familiar and she doesn't like it. She stared at the jewelled eyes of the emperor. She can see the hidden loneliness in his eyes 'I wonder how you managed to survive all of this loneliness' Diana thought. 'I am glad that you become a great father to our daughter'

Diana held Claude's face with both of her hands. " I have no reasons to leave but aren't you upset that I cannot remember anything about us?" She asked. That statement made Claude relieved.

'Anyway, what about us? I am certain that I am not a fling but...does that mean that I am his lover? His Majesty's woman?'

"I don't care," He said. "As long as it's you," He closed his eyes to cherish the smell of his long lost lover. "I'm sorry" He whispered. Diana knitted her brows. 


'For almost neglecting the gift that you gave me' He thought 'For trying to forget and hurt my daughter again.' Claude fell into deep thought. 'How will you react if you know that I planned to abandon our daughter?'

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