Chapter 21: The Guest

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Diana's POV

It's been days since Claude discovered that I am the reincarnation of Diana and I am sure you would want to imagine how my daughter teased me to her father. I am certain that my sweet Athanasia is having revenge on me for teasing him with the young warlock.

I almost jumped from my seat when I suddenly felt a warm arm hugging behind my back. "You!-- You scared me. What are you doing here?" I asked when I realized who's the intruder. "Your Majesty! Did you leave your work again?" 

The intruder did not respond, but I heard a soft chuckle coming from him. He quietly placed his chin on my right shoulder.

Aiyah! He's doing it again! Alright, calm down. Don't blush. 

I took a long deep breath and I cleared my throat. "You're doing it again. Didn't I tell you that we should settle things carefully?" I poked his cheeks away from me. But this big guy didn't even listen to me and hugged me tighter instead. "Claude, You should go back"

"I missed you" He only replied.

I slapped my forehead when he said that.  "Go back. You already saw me, you shouldn't neglect work" Claude frowned when he heard that. I carefully took off his arms around my waist to face him. "I can imagine Felix's face while looking for you. He's probably on his way here"

"I will take you with me," He said 

"Don't, you can't do that! Athy will look for me later. I promised that we will have our picnic together"

Geez, Why do I feel like a teenager meeting up with her boyfriend, and Athy is the conservative mom.

"Why do I feel like my wife is neglecting me," He said while crossing his arms. "You didn't even include me with that picnic thingy"

"It's an agreement between me and your daughter, Plus you have a lot of work, we cannot just disturb you. So stop sulking, It's not like you won't eat with us later" 

"That's right. Daddy can't kidnap my mom" 

I almost jumped away from Claude when I heard my daughter's voice. 

Oh, dear... 

I immediately turned my head, My eyes fell on Athanasia, who is peacefully sitting on a chair. A piece of chocolate cake is in her hands and she's staring at me and Claude.

Oh, dear Athy! Since when are you sitting there?

How did you get there? I didn't even notice her.

"That is not kidnapping, I'm only taking her with me" Claude frowned. 

"Daddy can be with me and my mom for dinner time remember? And I heard Felix is looking for you. He said that you suddenly abandoned your work a while ago. Daddy should finish his work first. Mom and I can wait for you later, Daddy"

I tried to stop myself from chuckling when I heard Athanasia said that. "She's right. Your Highness. You shouldn't neglect work. And If you finish your work earlier, you can join us on our picnic. That's why you should immediately go back" I said.

The frown on his handsome face is visible but he didn't say anything to refute our statements. 

He remained silent as he rubs his chin with his right hand. I wonder what's running into his mind. "...Well, Kidnapping is not a bad idea"

My eyes went wide as I slapped Claude's arms. "What kidnapping? You can't do that, Your Highness!" I almost shouted. "You shouldn't kidnap people"

Claude turned his head away from me. I also heard him murmured "Insolence" at me. "Why can't I? You're my wife" He argued.

Does he really think of kidnapping me?

Marry me first, you know...

Actually, no matter how I feel natural it is to have Claude as my instant lover, I am still not used to it. It feels natural but at the same time unbelievable. He was a character that I used to write in my novel, and now that I unfold what's the real relationship between Diana and Claude in my story...

I can't help but wonder about the mystery of 'The Lovely Princess'... Why did I write Claude like he hates Diana in my work? and why did Claude become a scumbag who killed Athanasia in my novel?

And those dreams when I am on earth? What are those?

"Mama? Are you alright?" I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard my daughter's voice. I glanced at Athy and Claude who seemed to be worried. "Is there something bothering you, Mama?"

"Oh, it's nothing my dear," I immediately replied. I turned my head at Claude. "I won't meet you at the veranda later if you insist on staying here" I spoke. He slightly flinched when he heard that. "Finish your work today. Let's have a date tomorrow"

Of course, it's a date between me, him, and Athy.

"Your Majesty! I know that you are here! Please come out. You to finish your works" I suddenly heard Felix shouted from the outside. "Your Majesty!"

I laughed when Felix started to knock on the door. "Your Majesty, I beg you!"

Claude bent down his face and planted a small kiss on my forehead. "It's a date then," He said.

He suddenly went to Athanasia and he rubs her head. "What do you want for the dessert later?" He asked Athanasia. His eyes were on the chocolate cake in Athy's hand.

"Chocolate!" Athanasia suddenly replied with excitement. "A lot!"

She'll get diabetes if she keeps eating chocolate every day. Hmmph! I wonder why my daughter's teeth are still perfectly intact. Should I restrain her from eating those sweets?

"Should I also bring you chocolates here later at night?" Claude asked...

Oh let me translate that part.

He actually means: I will sneak on your veranda to visit your mom, I will bring you chocolates so don't kick me out later.

Of course, Athanasia accepted it.


"Mama, we are here," Athanasia said as she pointed at a tree. We are both carrying a basket a picnic blanket.

As soon as Claude went out of the room, I and my daughter decided to prepare our things for our picnic. Athanasia also informed me about a certain guest who will join us today.

Smiled brightly as my disguised hair fluttered when a wind came. I can't still walk around the palace as Diana, So I have no choice but to keep my identity as Dianne whenever I came out to Athanasia's room.

We immediately placed the picnic blanket on the ground and bring out our snacks. "What a nice day~," I said. 

"Indeed, my lady" Lilian said. "It's a shame that his majesty cannot join his family for today"

I let out a sigh. She's correct.

I get my phone hidden inside the picnic basket and took a picture of the surrounding. "You look beautiful my sweet Athy," I said as I took her a picture. My daughter blushed a little.

"You look beautiful as well, Mama" She replied. "Even with black hair"

I laughed softly when she said that. 

But my daughter is more beautiful than me.

"Anyway, about the guest..."

I was about to ask a question but stopped when a maid came to announce something. "Princess," She said "Lady Margarita is here"

Ah, right...

Our guest is the protagonist of my story 'The Lovely Princess'

Jennette Margarita.


Lady Margarita is here! Hoho! 

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