Chapter 10: Claude

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Diana's POV

"How's Papa Claude?" I heard Athanasia asked the red-eyed young man at the veranda.

I can't help but giggle when I saw their Interactions. They both looked good together, however, they're too young to get into a relationship. My Athy's too young.

But I ship them anyway.

Two days ago since the time that we got exposed to Lilian York, and as I calculated, she became a great help to us. The rumours about Athanasia reduced and it is easier for me now to roam around the Emerald palace without being noticed.

"I'm still working on it, but I can't rest assure that he's getting better," Lucas replied to Athanasia.

I bit my lips when I heard it coming from Lucas, I somehow felt anxious about it.

I don't know what's happening to Claude right now, I never asked Athanasia nor Lucas or Lily. But whenever I am hearing their conversation, I can't help myself but get anxious about it.

"Lady Diana--" said Lilian who just came in. I immediately signalled her to be quiet while looking at the two young teens.

Lily was shocked when she saw Athanasia and Lucas together. She seemed to remember something while looking at both teens. I grabbed her hand away from that area.

We might spoil some moments.

"L-lady Diana... Is that the young warlock?" Lilian asked me. I nodded my head as I turned my eyes on a mirror.

"Yes," I replied.

I touched my current disguised black hair and observe my black eyes. In the past few days, I used different colours of hair with the help of Lucas as my disguise. In short, this is the second time that I will be using black hair.

The first time that I used black hair as my disguise is obviously when I met Claude, which is days ago.

I noticed Lily staring at me. "You look like a midnight goddess," she said. "And you also look like a daylight goddess when you're hair is golden, Lady Athanasia" Lily praised me.

"Stop fluttering me Lily, I might believe your fluttery," I said while smiling at her.

"I won't mind, Lady Diana"

"Oh, dear stop," I said as I pat her head. "My today's name is Dianne, not Diana. Alright?" I said.

Lily nods her head as she opened the door. "Are we really going to leave the Princess with the young warlock?" Lily Asked. A bright smile appeared on my face as I said 'Yes'

I know that there is something important that they need to talk about, and judging by the way the two of them interacted, It seems that they are doing these things even before I came here.

"Let's go, Lily," I said.

"Wait, Lady Diana.." Lily stopped me from walking, I immediately noticed her hand, she's currently holding a very familiar cloth. "I know you might not remember it, but you used to wear it when you are dancing. I hide it for you after..." She paused. She gave a smile before she continued talking "I-i hope you can still wear it"

"A cloth for dancing?" I asked her and she nodded her head. I immediately grabbed it from her hand. "It's a nice cloth," I whispered while studying its texture and design.

Okay, I know I'm sexy so yeah.

"Let me wear it," I said.

"You can always wear it, My Lady"

"Really? That's good! Since we're going out today, I'll wear it, I will practice dancing in the garden! Sounds good, isn't it?" I cheerfully said. "We'll just tell people that Athanasia invited me..."

"You can still dance, Lady Diana?"

"Yes, I was a ballerina," I explained. "Well that was before, but I can still do another type of dance, want me to show you?" I said.

"Yes! Lady Diana. Oh, My Lady did you know that Athanasia can dance too?"


"Yes, Lady Diana"

After changing my clothes, I and Lilian proceed to the garden nearby. Lily memorize the different routes within this palace, that's why most of the people almost didn't notice us.

As we reached the garden I started to practice dancing, I brought my phone of course for the music purposes, Lily was amazed when she saw me using the phone, she thought it was a magic item from my world so I explain the purpose of this thing to her.

Lily watched me practising, she kept praising me like I am a sort of a professional dancer when clearly I am not. It's been a while since the last time I dance in front of other people. Actually, it's quite fulfilling since I missed dancing a lot just like this. I even offered to teach Lily some dance lesson and she gladly accepted it.

"Lady..." Lily called me.

"Ahem... it's Dianne" I said.

"My apologies, Dianne, but you keep on dancing for an hour, aren't you tired? you should rest." She said as she stands up.

"But I want to..."

"Rest for a while La--- Dianne, I will get you some snacks after I check on Princess Athanasia" When I was about to say 'I am not tired' she immediately walked away from me to do her unspoken duty

"My, my, my Lily. You left me here alone" I spoke as I watched her walk away "Okay I'll rest for a while"

I turned my gaze at the pink-scenery-field. I started to roam for a while as my rest. The flowers are really refreshing to my eyes. A well bloomed pink rose caught my eyes. I immediately pick that flower and put it on my ear.

"Maybe I can make a flower crown for Athy" I whispered. I started picking up some flowers...

When suddenly. I saw a man with bright golden hair lying on the ground.

"My eyes got to be kidding me," I said when I realized Claude is the man lying on the ground. Actually, He seemed to be in rest "Damn, retreat, retreat" I chanted as I slowly take my steps away from him. This might become a trouble.

But when I noticed his peaceful facial expression started to change, I stopped walking away. My eyes went wide when I saw him holding his head and his body curled up while groaning. I can say that he is clearly hurting. A severe headache.

"Your Majesty!" I ran quickly beside him. "Your Majesty! what's happening to you?" He only answered me with a groan "Your Majesty-- Help! Someone help me!" I shouted

I panicked when his pain seemed to become more severe. I gently grabbed his head, trying to massage it. "Your Majesty, wake up!"

What's happening to you, Claude?

"D-Dian-a, Diana" He called my name.

"Yes, Your Majesty?" I asked worriedly.

"Diana..." He said as he opened his eyes. His eyes were locked onto mine as he tried to lift his right hand to touch my face. "You left me," He said in a weak tone. "Don't..."

"W-what? I didn't---" I was confused with his last statement but suddenly vanished when I saw him starting to completely collapse.

"Your MAJESTY!" I repeatedly shouted. "Your Majesty!" 



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