Chapter 6: The Encounter

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"Your Majesty, I am glad that you did not decline the Princess' invitation for the tea party" That day, after breakfast with Athanasia. Claude, who roamed at the garden was accompanied by Felix. "But I also suggest that His Majesty should treat the Princess with more care and gentleness"

Claude did not reply.

"In the past few days, after the Princess has returned, The maids were keeping their eyes on the Princess. They noticed that the princess was acting differently"

"Acting different you say?"

"Yes, your Majesty. Lily, the closest server to the Princess, observed this matter too. Two days ago, the princess ordered the servants not to enter her room, without her permission. Even Lily could not enter her room easily either. They can also hear strange noises coming from her room like the Princess is talking to someone. Sometimes she's laughing the next time she's shouting"

Suddenly recalling the conversation with Athanasia a while ago.

Claude began to set his foot for roaming around the garden. Ignoring the memory of Athanasia's action, clicking her tongue in front of him and trying to leave him at the dining room so early, like there is something's more important than him.

'I hate this feeling. Why is she acting like that?' Claude thought for a moment. Remembering the unwanted expression of Athanasia on his birthday celebration.

"I am too worried about the Princess, Your Majesty. Even I, can't get close to the Princess since that day. She's starting to ignore the---"

"Shut up if you want to live"

"But your Majesty, I know that you can't remember the Princess, but this matter is really important!" Felix raised his voice, to his master.

"Felix" Claude's eyes become sharp, darting his gaze upon his servant. "I don't want to hear anything about this topic anymore"

Felix who fell silent couldn't argue with his master anymore. He instead observed Claude for a minute before roaming his eyes around the field.

Having the silence between the two of them.

Eventually, the silence around the pink-scenery-field was stolen by a sweet little voice.

"There, have a taste my lady" A familiar voice rang around the ears of the two.

Felix, who suddenly heard the voice began to find the owner. "Your Majesty, It's the Princess Athanasia" Felix Informed his Master.

Claude unconsciously glanced at Athanasia serving a tea to a strange woman. He noticed the genuine happiness at the Princess' face while serving that tea for a black-haired lady.

"Of course, young woman" The woman replied to Athanasia. Claude observed the graceful action of the woman. She lifts the teacup enjoying the strong aroma wavering at the air.

Claude couldn't see the face of the woman. But why does his heart beating so fast? The feeling of nostalgia triggered the unknown feeling inside his body... Making him feel like seeing something very important to him again.

"Papa Claude habitually drink that tea. Sometimes he will invite me for a tea party" The young woman began to talk again.

"Lipeh tea..." The black-haired woman whispered, reaching on his ears.

"Felix told me too that my mother... Loved this tea very much that she invited my Papa Claude to try it too"

"I see..." The woman replied.

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