Chapter 12: Prettier Than Athy?

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Athy's POV

"I can just clone myself as a little girl or just clone a real young woman who looks like Lady Diana" Lucas suddenly replied to us when we told him our silly plan.

My eyebrows knitted when he said that. I mean this is a good opportunity to make some little 'revenge' on him, but too bad, he can actually clone himself since he is the greatest 'handsome' magician. After all, he even brought Diana's reincarnation here in Obelia.

"Really? that's good!" My mother replied as she glanced at me for a while, giving me some reassurance on her silly expression. "You can clone yourself to trick them a little but it was you whom I like to dress like a cute little girl"

"Wha--what?" Lucas replied, "I said I can---"

"Dressing like a cute little girl will going to be beneficiary, I assure you that young man," Mama said to Lucas as she held his arms and drag him away from this place.

"Wait! where are you..."

Mama turned her head as she gives me a childish wink, "I and my future-son-in-law have to talk about something! we will come back later!" she said 'Trust me sweety' she mouthed

She's technically telling me to leave it to her, how confident...



After a half of an hour, Mama and Lucas came back. Mama's face looks like she won a lottery price while Lucas... Well, He came back with a troubled face. 

"Eh? What happened?" I asked.

"He declined" Mama replied with a wide grin on her face. "I did not convince him"

Her action tells me the opposite meaning tho...

I glance at Lucas' face, The usual smug on his face was completely erased and was replaced by a defeated expression.

"What happened seriously?" I asked them. "Mama, What did you two talk about?" I said in a curious tone. 

"Guess what?" Mama said. "It's a prank! I convinced him! I can dress Lucas cute dresses tomorrow!"

I knew it! 

I grin appeared on my face as I look at him. "Well, well... time to choose a dress"

However, I can't stop to wonder. What did my Mama tell him to convince Lucas? I'm sure it wasn't something normal since Lucas can have anything that he wants in just a snap, He's the great magician of the tower by the way.


Next Morning:

"Can I change my mind?" Lucas said in annoyance. Athanasia laughed so hard before banging her door to make Lucas come out of her room.

"No! You can't of course, just come out, LUCY! the most beautiful and most powerful wizard in the world. Don't dare to change your mind" Athanasia playfully said.

"I'm just worried for you, My princess, my appearance might take your confidence down. I'm not saying that I'm prettier than you but I think that's the most appropriate statement to say" Lucas replied to Athanasia.

'What a bastard' Athanasia annoyingly thought. "Just come out already!" she said while banging her door.

"Princess Athy, What's with the fuss?" Lily, who just came with her Lady Diana, who is currently wearing a disguise, asked.

The princess pouts her lips while glaring on her door. A moment after, the door slowly opened and a beautiful young woman with a cute beautiful dress appeared in front of them, the hair ornaments on its head we're complementing the silky long hair of the young woman...

who is none other but the most powerful magician, Lucas?

Athanasia was stunned because in front of her was a real beauty, not only a beauty but the girl version of Lucas is really cute.

"Pretty!" Diana exclaimed. "What a cute young woman"

*AHEM! AHEM* Lucas cleared his voice before replying to Diana's remark. "Of course, Lucy's beauty came from her mother who is none other, Dianne," He said as if he's really a YOUNG WOMAN.

"That's my daughter" Diana playfully said.  She took out her phone from her pocket and took a picture together with Lucas, who is currently Lucy.

(AN: She charged her phone with the use of magic HAHA)

"Princess, am I beautiful?" Lucas asked Athanasia, who is dumbfounded looking at him. "No need to answer, I know I'm prettier than the princess," he said as a smug on his face appeared.

"You..." Athanasia regained her consciousness. "Bastard"

'I won't deny it, I can't deny it. Lucas is really beautiful if he is a girl. Err, life is really unfair, sometimes' Athanasia thought.

"Fine, You're pretty," Athanasia said.

Diana chuckled when she heard it. "Tsundere" she whispered.

"Okay, enough with this. We already need to execute our plan, Lucas, you can go to our rented house in Siodonna, Felix might come here to accompany me already."

Lucas snapped his finger and disappeared in the air.

Diana patted Athanasia's hair as she walks away from her. "He's cute, right? What if you cross-dress as a man, my dear Athy? I'm sure you'll be handsome" Diana said as she chuckled.



Diana's POV:

"Are we going?" I asked Felix who is currently standing beside me. He flinched when he heard me asking, he scratched his head as he replied me a word.

"My Lady, His Majesty wants to come with us, we need to wait for him for a while," Felix replied to me.


"His Majesty... Wait for What? Aren't it dangerous for him? What if..."

"His Majesty doesn't need protection at all..."Felix replied.

It's not that I'm concerned for him but... Why does he have to come along? Can't he just wait on his palace for us to arrive?

"Lead the way" A voice coming at my back echoed on my ears, I immediately turned my head and saw a man with a midnight hair and cold jewelled eyes.

It gives me only a second to realize who is the man with a midnight black hair standing behind me. "C-Claude?" I asked.

I saw Felix's eyes narrowed at me with shock, making me realize my mistake. "I-I mean You're Majesty!" I said to correct my mistake.

Claude only stared at me before grabbing my hands "I need to use this disguise," he said.


"Felix," Claude Called His loyal knight's name. "One hundred steps backwards"


"Lead the way, Woman from Siodonna," he said as a powerful force pulled me into somewhere.

Damn! Did he just use magic to teleport?


Photo of Lucas-- I mean Lucy HAHAHA

I wonder, What did Diana tell Lucas to convince him? 👀  Any Idea?

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