The White Magician 2

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Not a chapter! Let's take a break in Athanasia's current timeline! Let's read the 2nd part of the 'White Magician' before we entered chapter 30!


A smile appeared on Luna's face while staring at Aeternitas. Her student is currently working hard in his magic. Although his mana is not great as the other Del Alger Obelia that she saw, Aeternitas is determined to improve his magic.

This alone could impress the White Magician. She knows that her teachings won't turn into waste. She will create the most powerful Emperor in history!

"Master Luna!" A smile on the 14-year-old Aeternitas appeared when he saw a beautiful woman at the tree. "You're here," He said with a gentle smile.

Luna became astonished while staring at her student. They said that Aeternitas has a dull jeweled eye, however, in Luna's eyes, it was the most precious eyes she has ever seen.

"Oh? Where's your 'Fairy'? Why is it replaced by Master Luna?" She asked with a grin on her face. Luna suddenly jumped down the tree. "You're becoming more unfilial to your master," she said. Aeternitas's face became red due to embarrassment.

"It was just a childish request from your student years ago, Master Luna," Aeternitas replied. "Please don't mention it, I'm embarrassed," He said while averting his gaze.

A soft laugh came out from the lips of the beautiful woman, "How cute~" She said as she pats the blonde hair of the young man. "Why won't I even mention it? I can remember that you asked me to become your empress that time~"


"Aha! You don't find me beautiful anymore? Perhaps you already saw a lot of beautiful sisters at the palace huh?" Luna said in a sad tone. "Maybe some of them are prettier than me? Or you already have your crush, you can tell me~"

"Master! I don't have a crush!" Aeternitas shouted in embarrassment. "A-and I'll still make you my Empress!"

"Ha, You're still a little boy, Aren't you afraid to marry a girl who's older than you?" Luna asked while crossing both of her arms. "See? I'm taller than you," She while comparing their heights. Aeternitas who is a 14-year-old boy is actually as tall as her ears.

Aeternitas cleared his throat. "But you said you'll wait for me?" The young man complained.

"You're really such a cute child," Luna replied with a soft laugh. "Do you want to see the younger version of me? I can alter my appearance, tho Lucas is better than me..." Luna paused. "Ah! Fun fact, altering your appearance is also a way to conserve your mana."


"Yes! If you improve your magic, I will teach it to you!" Luna replied happily. Her childish personality delighted the young child. "You're such a good student. In no time you will become more powerful."

"Master... I know that my mana is not that powerful. How can I become the strongest?" Aeternitas replied in hesitation. "Every people in obelia knows it..."

"Of course you can! If you train more your body will be able to handle more and more mana, and if the right time came," Luna paused. A warm smile appeared on her face. "I can give you some of my mana."

"I-is that even possible? I don't think that I am worthy of your power..." Aeternitas replied in hesitation. "I don't know if I can accept it..."

"I know that giving you my power won't be in vain," Luna patted his head. "You're an intelligent child, and also hard-working, you don't have to be afraid of your future. I will guide you!"

"Guide me..." The child repeated.

"Ah! I will visit Lucas today. Practice your magic, I'll come back tomorrow, alright?" She said. Aeternitas nodded his head. "Do not underestimate yourself. You're not weak." Luna smiled at him before disappearing into thin air.

When Luna disappeared, the bright eyes of the child became the dullest.

A weak smile appeared on his lips.

"Not weak," he uttered. His eyes went to the lively sky. "You're the only one who keeps saying that to me, but I don't know if I can believe you," He said. The young man turned around as he left the place.

The dark thoughts kept coming into his mind.

The humiliation for being weak is creeping into his soul.

He hates those mocking gazes.

But he also hates the kind look on her face...

He hates her kind words...

He hates her and yet he doesn't want her to disappear.

"If there is a way to transfer mana in my body, then there is a way to stole one," He said as he walks away. There was a dark expression on his face. "I will be the greatest emperor in history," he uttered. "Your teachings won't be in vain, Master."


"Hello, brat! You're still asleep, I wonder when will you wake up?" Luna announced as she poked Lucas's face. "It's been a while huh? You know what? You should wake up to apologize to the child you called weak and ugly..."

Luna sighs, "Maybe we're not close since I am always away and you usually don't see me, but I truly think of you as my sibling," She said, "Maybe if I was there, I could've stopped our master from committing..." She suddenly paused.

A bitter memory suddenly appeared in her mind.

She suddenly remembered their master.

Just how much agony did he felt?

And she's not there when he lost it...

"Anyway, the child that you called weak and ugly is actually hardworking and bright! Ugh, just how can you tell him those words huh?" She asked. "You're truly cruel. I hope your fated one will be more patient at you,"

Luna stopped as she glanced at the lively sky.

"You know... this might be the last time for me to visit you," she said in a sad tone. "After nourishing that child and training him, I will go through dimensions to manage some of the imbalances within it. You might never see me again unless you made the imbalance yourself,"

A chuckle appeared on her lips.

"Even if you forget me, I will remember that you're my brother, although we're not blood-related... I will be your sister."

It was a long time ago but Luna could still remember when Lucas was still young. Luna is older than him and Lucas acted like a brat, but she knows that she has to be patient because this child had a sad background.

His parents disowned him when he was still younger.

"Tch, but I will still remember how you mocked me when you find out that I will never have an intention to froze my heart," She said, "Emotions are truly fascinating, you will understand it one day."

Unlike Lucas who froze his heart, Luna did the opposite thing. She is fond of her emotion, she loves traveling and meeting someone new, enjoying the feelings of a human.

Even their master can't stop her.

They said that freezing your heart is the key to make an unbiased decision, but Luna is different, she wanted to understand humans, and if she wanted to do that she needed to feel emotions.

But everything has its end.

One day, Luna will decide to take the other option.

And that is to freeze her heart.

"But you're right. Freezing your heart is convenient if you wanted to make an unbiased decision," She said, "One day I'll have to freeze my heart," She paused with a sad expression. "I have to do it. So, leaving that child will be easier."


I decided to make a part 2! I might create part 3. 

I don't really intend to make a stand-alone fanfiction for this, (I mean you don't want a bad ending, right?) but let's see.

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