Chapter 32: Imbalance

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"You little rascal!"

Athanasia's eyes went wide. She immediately became nervous while motioning her hands in front of her father. "D-daddy, h-he's just reenacting the proposal! Calm down," she said in a panic tone.

She should've just found Felix instead of asking for that bastard's help...

Having these two in one place is chaotic. She wishes that her mother is here. 

Athanasia cleared her throat as she glanced at her father who still emitting a terrifying aura. This is a total mess! However, Lucas appears that he wasn't affected by that. "We should focus on how to coax Mama!" She said trying to calm her father. "Dad is going to propose to her today, right?" she asked.

Just like a magic word, the Emperor acted like a tamed dragon, his terrifying aura disappeared. Although he's still glaring at Lucas, Claude doesn't seem to attack him...


"A-ahem, anyway. Yes! This is the right way to propose," Athanasia exclaimed while signaling Lucas to stand up. "If Mom agreed to marry dad, then you have to put the ring on her finger," Athanasia stared at her father seriously. 

"But the question if Daddy has a ring," She said. "Do you have a ring?"

He glanced at his daughter. "Are you questioning your father's wealth?" He asked. 

Athanasia choked when her Daddy asked that. Of course, Claude has a ring. The Emperor cannot be poor, right? "Ahehehe, Daddy of course not. What I'm asking is a special ring for Mom! Mom is special, of course, you can't just choose just give her any rings, right?"

Listening to his daughter's advice. The Emperor nodded his head. He immediately stands up as he started to walk.

"Daddy? Where are you going?" Athanasia asked.



'Of course, Daddy has a ring. He is rich anyway,' Athanasia told to herself while glancing at a golden ring with a ruby stone. The designs are simple but it is too pretty that she can't even take her eyes out of it.

"Pretty," Athanasia uttered.

Lucas who was standing behind her snorted. "I can make one for you, a prettier one," he said. Athanasia glanced at the magician behind her with sparkling eyes. "I almost forgot how obsessed are you with those things," he uttered.

"You can?" She asked with excitement.

"Certainly, My Princess," Lucas replied. "But I'm impressed. The stone of this ring is quite rare, it is containing a large amount of mana," The magician rubbed his chin. "A protective type. It's too precious for those humans."

"Mana stone?" 

"Your dad must've noticed it," Lucas told her. "You cannot place magic protection on the body of those outsiders," He said with a meaningful tone.

Athanasia halted when she heard it. Although Lucas did not explain it, she could understand what the magician meant to say...

Her mom is not the 'Diana' who came from Siodonna anymore. She is an outsider from this world. A reincarnation. "But... Why did the other magic affect her? Such as magic disguise?" She asked.

The Princess suddenly remembered how she used magic on her mother. Tho... she didn't try to put protective magic on her because she's not that familiar with magic yet...

"It's kind of a law in our universe. Ah... How do we say it?" Lucas paused. "The Magic that you used on your mother is not excessive magic," He explained. "It's kinda complicated to explain, but I'll tell you in some other time."

Athanasia stopped for a moment before thinking of her Mother. 

"Hey, does... bringing my mother in this world have some effect?" She asked the magician. Lucas stared at her for a moment. He raised his brows at her.

"I'm disappointed that you only asked me that now," Lucas told her before shrugging his shoulders. Athanasia frowned at that statement. She was too immersed by the thought of having her mother beside her. "It has effects but not that excessive. However..."


"Imbalance is still imbalance..." Lucas told her seriously. "I'm afraid that a certain being would try to manage this imbalance..." He became silent when he suddenly remembered something. "Leave this matter to me."

Athanasia squinted her eyes at Lucas when she noticed the brief change of his emotion. However, she didn't bother to ask him anymore.

The most important thing today is her father's proposal to her Mother.


On the other Dimension:

A woman with the coldest look on her face glanced at the World Tree. Her white hair fluttered when a wind came from the tree and played her long silky hair. She raised her hands to touch the Tree.

"You've been hurt," She uttered. Her cold voice soothed the World Tree. If this tree could only talk, it will tell her what kind of mischieve did a certain Black Magician did to itself. "I'm sorry, it was my fault," the woman told the Tree.

"If the younger me didn't take your fruit from you, Lucas won't take a branch from you and you wouldn't be hurt," She uttered with a cold tone. The Tree grumbled for a moment. The woman nodded her head when she noticed that the Tree wanted to tell her something.

The woman closed her eyes while trying to understand the Tree. An image suddenly came inside of her mind while touching the Tree. There was a woman who has golden hair and ruby eyes. Then she saw a younger version of that woman with jeweled eyes.

The jeweled-eyed princess was immediately recognized by the woman. It was 'Athanasia' who in the prophecy of the world tree. However, the other woman who has ruby eyes is someone whom she didn't know.

Mother of the jeweled-eyed princess?

Impossible, she's dead...

Her eyes became wide open when she realized what the Tree intended to tell her. "Lucas took that woman from another dimension?" She uttered using her coldest tone. Her cold face broke and it was suddenly replaced by anger.

"This is..." She mumbled while gritting her teeth.

The World Tree could feel the anger of the woman. If it could run, the Tree will run away from that place. The tree didn't show any movements while observing the woman.

"He never changed," She said before closing her beautiful eyes. The beautiful woman took a deep breath. "I will deal with him, don't you worry."

An unexpected thing happened next.


That shout reached the Other Dimension. 

And Lucas who was with Athanasia heard it.


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