Chapter 11: You Need To Stay

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Diana's POV

An hour had passed since that thing happened to Claude. He's still sleeping while the Young Lucas was checking his condition. Athanasia is also here to check on Claude, she appeared to be worried for her father. 

When I saw Claude in that condition. I can't help myself to get worried and at the same time curious about him. It feels like... I don't want to see him in that condition, It might break me as well.

This feeling might be connected to my past life... I want to know. Especially when I heard those sentences coming from him... On how he called my name to tell me I have left him.

It makes me curious.

Speaking of my name... DID HE JUST CALL ME WITH MY REAL NAME?

No nevermind.

"Lady Dianne" The red-haired-man named Felix called me. I turned my gaze upon him as I glanced on Athy's sullen face. "We need to hear your statements. Can I talk to you?" He asked.

"Felix" Athanasia immediately interfere. "Let me do it. I-i will be the one who will talk to her"

"No Princess, You must rest. Let me do this duty for you, don't worry about Lady Dianne, I will only talk to her"


"It's okay Athanasia. Go rest, I can handle this" I assured her. "Now go rest," I said as I caress her head. She nodded her head.

"Come with me Lady Dianne," Felix told me.

I followed Felix until we reached a familiar room. When I saw Lucas beside Claude, I knew that this is the room of the Obelia's Emperor. "Lucas"  I called his name.

He glanced at me and I gave him a signal. He seemed finish to check up Claude. He stands up and a talk little bit to Felix to inform him about Claude's condition. When he finished doing that, he immediately goes out of the room to go to his next destination.

Athanasia's room of course.

"Lady Dianne..." Felix called me. I turned my face on him. I saw clenching his fist. He must be worried about Claude. "I don't want to do this but for the sake of His Majesty. I would like to give you an option" he said.

"Lady Dianne... If this news spread out of the kingdom, the enemies and the other officials might take this opportunity to attack the kingdom or disputes His Majesty. If you did not cooperate with us..."

"I won't spill any beans" I immediately said. I gave one of my brightest smiles to him. "I can promise you that. I am just a mere commoner, what can I do to cause danger in Obelia? Besides... Princess Athanasia is a friend of mine, I won't cause any harm to her."

His expression softens when he heard Athanasia's name. "I am not the one who will decide with that matter Lady Dianne" Felix replied to me. "Let His Majesty, to decide with that"

"I-I understand. But can I at least go home for a while? I want to see my daughter" I tried to ask for an excuse. They might suspicious about me if I didn't act like this. "She's alone at our house. I think she's waiting for me"

"I understand but... I can't just let you go. If you may please, I will go with you to visit your daughter" Felix said.

I stayed silent for a moment. I don't know what to reply if I said yes then I'm doomed but if I refuse I am also doomed.

I let out a deep sigh before turning my face on him. "If you really don't trust me, Then let me take Lucas with me. Sir Felix, you have many works, I'm afraid I'm disturbing you..."

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