Chapter 1: Athanasia's gift

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Note: Some of the scenes here are in chapter 69 - 71 (of the manhwa).

Spoiler Alert anyways


Athanasia's POV

I wish Lucas would hurry up and come back already so he will fix Daddy...

"What's with the frown?" Lucas appeared in front of me, tilting his head... I can also see Jennette's dumfounded face as she...

Wait... Lucas?




"LUCAS!!" I exclaimed. My eyes were wide open. He's here! He is already here!

"Oh my ears," He said

"Lucas come here for a sec!!" I said as I immediately gripped his hand. "Jennette excuse us for a bit!"

I badly need to talk to him about my Dad's condition. He needs to fix my dad!

"L-lord magician..?" Jennette said, still shocked.

Before Jennette could finally be recovered from the shock, Lucas and I already left her there. Sitting dumbfounded on the sofa.

"Princess please calm down," Lucas told me "I understand that you're happy to see me for so long.."


I cornered him on the wall. Face to face.


"What took you so long?!" I angrily said to him "Do you know how long I've been waiting?!"

"W-why are you being like this?" He asked, "Aren't you too close?" He nervously said. I can see his face turning into red but... I don't care!

My Daddy...

"AHEM!" Lucas moved me away. "What happened?"

I started to sniff. My eyes become watery, I tried to hold my tears but I think I will fail to do that. "Fix my daddy"

"Fix me..."

"Hmmm...Your Dad?" He asked.

I Immediately told him what had happened to me. That I almost died when he left, my dad saved me and now... Now... He had amnesia and tried to kill me.

I want Lucas to fix my dad! E-even though I knew what my fate lies beneath his hand, I still want him to be safe...

I miss my dad...

And I won't let myself to die on his hands.

"Should I teach your dad a lesson?"

This... Man... IS HE AN IDIOT? Teach my dad a lesson? Teach MY DAD a lesson?! I want him to fix my dad!

"What do you mean 'teach him a lesson'?! Go fix him! Don't you dare do anything weird to my dad!" And then I gave him a punch.


Serves him right!

"Princess~ Lord Magician~" I heard Jennette's voice. She was standing a few meters away from us.

Lucas glanced at Jennette before looking at me. "Okay, first things first, send her out. Then after talking about your problem, you need to come with me"

"What do you mean?" I asked but he only showed his grin. 'Why do I feel like something unexpected will happen?

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