One Problem at a Time

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Alexis's POV

I can't believe she would say that out loud. I thank every god that they can't understand French, otherwise I wouldn't be able to look any of them in the eye any time soon. It's way to early for that talk. I remember her words, "They're all so handsome and tall Ali. I still can't believe you have seven soulmates! Have they talked about kids? I want to know how long until- " she speaks in French, but I interrupt her in English.

"Stop, stop! Goodbye mom." I say hastily. I let her say goodbye to the guys before hanging up. They look at me confused, but I don't explain it.

"Please don't ask." I say, too flustered to realize that I'm still speaking English. I soon remember and switch back to Korean. "Anyways, I think that was a pretty good reminder of how late it is. I should probably go home." At least to my temporary one, but they don't need to know that. Especially with the new worry of the tour.

"You're right. I am sorry for keeping you up this late." Jin apologizes.

"We're sorry. We'll try and work everything out with the tour and all." Jimin explains.

I really wish they wouldn't worry like this. They already have so much to deal with- heck, they have an entire world tour coming up that will add even more hours to the already endless amount of practice they do, and here I am adding more stress to their lives. This is exactly what I didn't want. "No, don't apologize. It's okay, I really enjoyed being here with you guys." Their eyes light up when I say this, making my heart beat faster, but I stay on track with what I want to say. "But please don't worry about about the whole issue with tour. I want you all to focus on yourselves and ARMYs, that's more important right now. I'll be fine."

They look like they want to say something. Jungkook is the one to let it out. "I won't be." We all look at him. "I just met you, and in two days you were able to make me feel like this." He confesses. I think I just triggered another member. Great going Alexis, two in one day. "I know that it might not affect you that much, given that you left us, but for me, it hurts when you aren't around. I don't want to feel that way again, so don't say that it's not important."

I know that I don't deserve to be hurt, but I am. I just found out that Jimin thought this same exact way, and now Jungkook. If I would have known that they actually wanted a soulmate, I wouldn't have made such an effort to leave. I still have doubts about myself, but if I had known that it hurt them as much as it hurt me to leave, I might've given it a chance to work. It still feels too good to be true, though right now I'm not feeling too great.

I stare into Jungkook eyes. His expression is hurt. "I'll see you guys later," I say softly before leaving. I want to say sorry, but sorry sometimes makes it worse when you know it won't change anything.

"Wait, Alexis." It's not Jungkook who calls me, but Jimin. He might be the only one who doesn't agree, but what I did still doesn't change. Just because I had somewhat of a valid reason, does not mean that I should get a pass. Hurting them is not acceptable.

I smile at him, "It's okay Jimin. Don't worry." I assure him, even though it is a complete lie.

I put my shoes on and leave before I can hear any opposition.

Way to go, Alexis.


Jimin's POV

How did things end up like this? Everything was going great until now. I almost ruined it once, but luckily I didn't let my emotions shoo her away. Fortunately, my actions led her to explain everything and the night continued well. But the same thing happened with Jungkook.

He would've let her explain, but having two of us doubt her in the same day probably made her feel worse about herself. And because I know how "unworthy" she feels to be our soulmate, I also know how badly this situation could end up. I need to tell them before things get worse.

"Why would you do that Jungkook?" Hoseok asks. I look at Jungkook. He doesn't say anything, looking conflicted with himself.

A long moment of silence passes. They all want to defend Alexis, but they don't want to make Jungkook more at odds with himself, because deep down they feel the same. I understand. I thought the exact same way just a few hours ago. 

We all have one soulmate, there is bound to be disagreement and clashing. I can't say that this will be easy, but only having known Alexis for a few days, I know it will be worth it just to be with her. So we need to go over this.

"Actually," I begin. They all turn their heads to me, wanting my thoughts. "I wanted to keep it to myself and wait for her to tell you, but seeing what happened," I leave out Jungkook's name, blaming is the last thing that needs to happen, "I think I should say it so this doesn't happen again."

Taehyung looks at me with hopeful eyes. He has been quiet this whole time, and doesn't want to chose sides. Alexis and him probably had a moment in the kitchen while we were out in the living room, so going from that to this was too much of a change for him.

I bear it all out. I explain what happened in the room, what I asked her, and what she told me. When I explain why Alexis ran away during the original bond at the concert, they all look sad. I can't blame them. It was horrible when I realized that what I though was selfishness was exactly the opposite. 

Jungkook looks regretful. If he could, he would take everything back. "Damnit," he curses. If Alexis was here, she'd tell him it wasn't his fault.

"Anyways, what's done is done. For it to be over, we need to deal with one problem at a time, and that's getting her on the tour." Namjoon explains. Now he's thinking logically. Namjoon always stays next to us. He'll let us all do our own thing, but when the times are serious, so is he. A perfect mediator. 

"Are you sure she will want to go? We haven't had the chance to talk it over with her." Jin says.

"We'll give her the option, but we need to make it possible first."

"There's not much that can be done though, she just got hired by the company." Yoongi adds.

"Then we have a lot to do don't we?"

A whole lot to do.

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