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Jungkook's POV

I might've ruined everything. What did I do? 

If she would've just told me, then I wouldn't have reacted that way. When she started talking about how she wasn't important, and how it wasn't a big deal that we wouldn't get to see her for weeks, I sort of blew up. In the moment all I could think about was the first time she left.

Right after the bond at the concert, I was so excited. I thought that I was finally going to meet my soulmate, but I didn't. She didn't show up, and the built up excitement deflated into sadness. I never even saw her, but it was devastating when I thought she didn't want me. Then I met Alexis and fell in love instantly, yet she talked about separating as if it is nothing. And I said something without knowing her side of the story.

What makes it worse, is that she wasn't mad. She wasn't annoyed, or trying to defend herself. She just let me believe that of her, when it wasn't even true. I want to hold her in my arms and tell her she's perfect. I want to apologize endlessly.

 Yet I never did. I couldn't. Once she left and Jimin told us the whole story, Hoseok told us all to rest. I wanted to run out the door and catch her before she left to apologize, but it was late and she was already on her way home. All because of me. I can't believe I let her leave thinking that. I don't know how to make it up to her, but I'll have to do it as soon as possible. There is no way I plan to leave on tour for weeks like that.

So the first thing I wanted to do when I got to the company was to call her and ask her to come by Bighit. The others would want to reassure her as well. None of us could be all right without her. Not anymore.

What we didn't expect, was the busy schedule the next day. Since it was the day before we left, it was supposed do be easy: a morning meeting going over the set list, and flight times. After that, rest up or practice, whichever we wanted. But something happened, or someone did something wrong, so we didn't have enough run episodes to last for even half of the tour. We spent most of the day filming one that could last three weeks. Then the stylists needed us for last-minute measurements of the performance outfits, so none of us could exactly call Alexis with the staff right there.

We talk with Sejin as soon as they finish, but he says that he can't do anything for now.

"I'm sorry boys. Maybe when she starts physically working at the company, then I can work it out. But it would be suspicious for a complete newbie to come along." He explains.

"I don't get it. Why can't we just say that she was hired for the tour, and then have it look like she became an actual employee." Jin argues.

"Because two of the leaders in the company as well as myself hired her. She didn't instantly get the job, remember? It was an actual interview. They know that she is a new BigHit employee, and that she has no experience translating." I can tell that he is getting irritated. "If they find out, then you'll have an even bigger problem on your hands."

 From a different perspective, everything we're doing is irrational. There is no adequate reason to have her come, other than the fact that we want her there. If I could be with her every second of every day, I would. Just more than one day away from her is basically torture. She's our soulmate, what do you expect?

"Look, I promise that I will work on getting her on the tour, but you cannot get distracted. Understand?" Sejin ended. His manager side comes out, and we can do nothing but agree. "I'll have the drivers come around to take you home, okay?" He leaves the room.

It's silent for a moment before Namjoon speaks, "So it's not a complete no."

"It'll take forever though." Yoongi replies. No one says anything else.

 As late as it is, I still want to call Alexis and ask her to come to the dorm this time, since we are about to leave the company. I dial her phone number that she gave us yesterday.

"Are you calling her?" Hoseok asks. 

I nod. "I'm going to ask her to come to the dorm again. So I can say..." I don't finish the sentence. They all understand. 

"I miss her too." Taehyung calls. "Put it on speaker." 

"No, don't do that. He's gonna get awkward, you know how he is with emotional stuff." Jimin disagrees. I hear Jin's laugh in the background as the voicemail comes up.

Now the whole room becomes awkward. "Wow, I guess she really is mad at you." Jimin says.

"But I don't think she would ignore you." For some reason Hoseok looks worried. He pulls out his phone and does the same. The voicemail comes up just like mine did. At first I thought it was just because of me, Hoseok too?

"Don't say that, you're scaring me." I admit. Hoseok gets paranoid very easily, so I don't freak out immediately. He can be completely calm in the worst situations, but he worries a lot whether there is good reason to or not. If it was Taehyung though, all hell would have broken loose. His intuition is always spot on. But he doesn't seem to be disturbed right now.

"Stop it, she's probably in the shower or something." Yoongi interrupts his panic. He pulls out his own phone and tries again. This time, she picks up.

"Hey Alexis." Everybody pauses. Once we realize that he's talking to her, we all stampede him. "Back up, your breath stinks." He utters.

I don't know who he said that too, but none of us back up. "I brush three times a day." Here we go.

"And I use mouthwash."

"Shut up, he just wanted us to back up. Nobody's breath smells."

"Didn't you drink last night?"

"Yet my teeth are still whiter than yours."

"That doesn't have anything to do with your breath."

"Who asked you?"

"Shut up!" Yoongi yells. Then his eyes widen, "No not you, Alexis." Now he glares at us. "Yeah, they are all here."

He has a conversation with her, without putting it on speaker. The nerve. "No, you don't need to. They just got worried when you didn't answer." He smiles from ear to ear at whatever she says. Then all of a sudden, he looks shocked. He pulls his phone from his ear and looks at it.

In a span of five seconds, he goes from happy to shocked, and now his face is stone cold. I can't tell what happened. We all look at him in anticipation. His eyes glare past us. The suspense is killing me.

All he says is, "She was with a... friend."


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