Caught With Her

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Alexis's POV

When we got back to the studio, we all sat together and talked about random things. After the questionnaire, that is. I told them my favorite color, favorite animal, my hobbies, my interests, and other things. When I told them who my favorite rapper was, that was when everyone started arguing.

"Eminem is the best, that's it." I challenge.

"Pitbull is better, his voice is unique." Hoseok argues.

"No, Jason Derulo is the best, it's about ability, not speed." Jungkook claims. Is he even a rapper, I don't think that counts.

"Jason Derulo does have a great voice." Jin chimes in.

"It is about tone, not vocal ability. A rapper who says what he feels is better than one who sings without showing emotion." Yoongi concludes.

I felt that. When Yoongi talks about rap, he talks with his heart. It is amazing to feel that devotion first-hand. Too bad for him, my stubborn ass won't let it go. "And that is why Eminem is the best. He raps about the bad things in life and his experiences with emotion and tone, therefore, a legend." I end. I love my boys, but Eminem is and always will be the best rapper in history.

No one says anything more, even though I can tell they still disagree, smart boys. Yoongi laughs and looks at me in admiration.

"Wow, she just won that." Jin says.

"Remind me never to argue with you." Namjoon jokes.

"If you can convince me otherwise, then I'll give in." I lean back on my hands, when I feel something burn me. I hiss and look back. There is a burnt spot on the floor, and part of my shoe which is still hot.

"Are you okay?" Jimin grabs my hand, concerned. The others are about to get up, but I stop them.

"It's just my shoe. I forgot it was there. Don't worry." I look around for my purse, which has a first aid kit, before I remember how I got here. How did I forget that I teleported to a different country? It doesn't matter, it's a small burn. Like when you put your hand on the stove for a second, forgetting that it is still on.

"What are you looking for?" Yoongi asks.

"Nothing." I dismiss. I look at my bare feet. At least my toe nails didn't burn off. "I'm sorry about the floor." I apologize. I feel really bad, but I don't have enough money to pay for this and the bathroom. I really hope no one goes in there.

Maybe I can pay for it later. "It's not your fault. The government will pay for the damages anyway, soulmate bonds are out of our control." Yoongi consoles.

They do that? I wonder if it is the same in America. "Look at what I did." He gestures to the floor. I gasp when I see all the melted spots. There had to be at least twenty of them all around the studio. I also see stray pieces of cloth laying around. "At least yours were in one area."

"Not in the bathroom."

He tilts his head nonchalantly. "Whatever."

I laugh at his coolness. If he was trying to make me feel better, he did great. I feel a lot less guilty now. The way he moved his head was cute too.
I stop laughing when I realize that no one is saying anything. They are all looking at me with happiness and... something else that I don't believe. No, it's to early for that. This stupid bond is brainwashing them. There's no way they can love me already.

I'm glad it brought me to them, but I wished they loved me for me, not because of a phenomena that tells them too. I try to start a new conversation to avoid those looks, they make me sad, weirdly.

"I really think I should put up a sign, so no one goes in there. I'm worried that someone will burn themselves. Or maybe even fall through the floor, we're on a higher level, right?" I look at the top of the tree outside the window.

"Someone's probably done it already, it's fine. You don't have to worry about it." Jimin says.

I nod my head, not completely satisfied. The melting bond replays in my head. That was probably the most stressful thing that has ever happened in my life. But for some reason, I know that's just the beginning.

I remember all of my clothes burning off. "Whose clothes are these?" I ask to no one in particular.

"I got them from the dressing room closet. I'll tell the manager about it later." Taehyung answers. I knew they were men's clothes, they are too big.

"I think I wore that once. You look cute in it." Jimin flirts. I get flustered, and don't say anything, which makes him chuckle. A few more chuckles sound out.

While they are teasing me, the door opens and an average-sized man with glasses and well-kept hair comes in. "A stylist came and told me that Taehyung took clothes out of the dressing room? And what's this about the bathr-" he stops when he sees me.

"Who is this?" He asks casually. He isn't rude and doesn't sound mad or worried. This must be their manager.

They stand up nervously, as if they were about tell him that they crashed his car. I'm so flattered. I always thought myself more of a train wreck, instead. I stand up too.

"Manager, this is Alexis." Hoseok gestures to me. I wave in response, and he bows slightly as a formality. I'm glad they have a nice manager, why were they so worried?

No one says anything. I can tell that they are extremely nervous. Jimin is moving his leg back and forth. Jin keeps readjusting his stance. I'm behind the rest, so they must be doing something with their hands.

I'm about to tell him myself, but I am beat to it. "She is our soulmate." Yoongi says calmly.

The manager just looks between Yoongi and I. "I thought this would happen soon. Congratulations, Yoongi." He faces me. "Nice to meet you Alexis. You are very beautiful." He smiles at me and shakes my hand. Shouldn't it be bad for them to have bonded? "I never thought Yoongi would have an international soulmate. Do you speak Korean?"

As I nod, Hoseok interrupts him, "Wait, manager, you don't understand. She is our soulmate."

His eyes get wide, "You are Yoongi and Hoseok's soulmate?"

"No." I warn him. I say it slowly and hope he doesn't pass out, "I am bonded to all of them. As in... all seven."

He doesn't pass out. He does, however fall onto his knees. We all go to help him. "Jungkook, get a water." Namjoon orders. Jungkook does as he says and jogs out of the room. Jimin and Namjoon are holding him up, while Taehyung and I fan him with our hands.

He yells in between gasps, "You. Are. What?!"

Now I see why they were nervous.


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