Finding Her

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Namjoon's POV

When she runs out of the room, Jimin and Jungkook as well as the security guards go after her, but I stop them with all the urgency I can muster. Apparently it is enough, because they all stop. She thinks about where the bathroom is. I immediately tell her. Even after a few minutes, I already hate the idea of her being troubled.

"Hyung, that is my soulmate!" Jungkook yells at me.

"Namjoon-hyung, I can't let her go, did you see that? She's mine." Jimin resists.

I am about to tell them why they can't follow her but Yoongi interrupts me, "Let her go. She's not going anywhere."

Yoongi and I are the only ones who understand why she needs to go so badly. Me, because I can read her mind. Him, because, well, he is dealing with the same issue.

"We need to think about everything that just happened." I insist.

"She is soulmates with all of us." Yoongi adds, looking at me. He paid attention to everyone's bonds, and I'm the only one who didn't show one. He doesn't know that I can feel her mind right now.

They all remember what happened just moments ago. I can tell when the recognition hits them.

"Wait, we all have the same soulmate?" Jimin asks.

"What about Namjoon-hyung?" Hoseok asks. Of course he also paid attention. He is probably the most attentive person here.

"Now that you understand, can you leave?" Yoongi directs at the guards. They nod their heads and leave after they know that she isn't a sasaeng.

"Please don't tell anyone." I finish, before they are completely gone. They both say a disoriented, "yes," as the door closes. Right as it closes, Yoongi's shirt falls off, the bottom loosely hanging before it too, starts to burn. He is wearing baggy pants that don't fully touch his skin, so they are still on him.

I know that my soulmate isn't as lucky though as I feel her thoughts. She is bothered that I know this.

Jungkook puts everything together, "That happened to her?! Where is she?" He almost storms out of the room. Yoongi, who already knew this, looks worried too.

"Stop, she's fine!" I yell before the entire room goes searching for her blindly.

"How do you know, Namjoon? How do you know she isn't out there naked for everyone to see?" Jin makes the situation worse.

"My bond, I know what she's thinking!" I say quickly. This stops them before they do anything stupid. I continue, "She went into the bathroom before her clothes burned off. She is stuck in there, but fine." The tension in the room releases. Jimin sits down where he is out of exhaustion, while Jin goes to find a seat.

No one says anything for a straight minute. We don't know what to say. The only sound in the room is of Yoongi's pants burning. Everyone's bonds are still active.

Taehyung breaks the silence, "So what do we do?"

I make a plan. "Taehyung, can you go see if you can find multiple pants and shirts? Make sure to stay close to the wall so others don't see the soul string. We don't know how long Yoongi and our soulmate's bond will be." I'm the first one to say it. Our soulmate. I can't think of her as just, "that woman," and she's not just my soulmate, we all have to face that. "We can't ask for women's clothes, we need to deal with this before we tell anyone. When you come back, we'll go give her the clothes," I feel her relief at my plan, "for now, we can call the bond hotline to see how long this will last." I motion to all of us. She agrees whole heartedly. I chuckle at her personality, she is so cute.

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