Looking For Her

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Taehyung's POV

"How are we supposed to find them, there are over fifty thousand fans out there." Yoongi argues.

It has been ten minutes since we went on an unofficial intermission. Every single person in that stadium saw what had happened. They saw Hoseok's bubbles and Jungkook's red veins, not to mention my soul-string.

The freaking camera man just had to zoom in on our bond reactions. Within ten minutes, our whole fan base will know about this, and the news won't leave us alone until they find out who they are. That's why I need to go out and protect her.

"Hosoek and Taehyung's soulmates were both in the pit, so we can narrow it down." Namjoon reasons.

"Taehyung, your... string was close to the front, right?" I nod. I tried to follow the string to my soulmate, but I couldn't see anything with all the fans moving around. It almost seemed like it was getting farther away, put we got rushed away, so I didn't stay long enough to see.

Namjoon continues, "Hoseok, you said you made eye contact?" Hoseok nods.

"What about me hyung?" Jungkook stands anxiously with his arms and legs covered in red lines. He looks like he is about to go out there and look for her himself, and I can't say I wouldn't go with him.

All of the members thought that he didn't worry about his soulmate because he is only a year older than the bonding age, but I knew better. Everyone, even Yoongi was anxious to find their soulmate, and Jungkook is no exception to that.

I want nothing more than to go back out there and follow the soul string. I look down at my hands. The blue shining light connects to my index finger, reaching a few meters before going through the wall and leading to the person I'm supposed to love for the rest of my life.

I imagine my soulmate out there, getting caught and mobbed by the crowd when they find out. I should've gone right then and there, I need to go now.

Namjoon puts his hand on my shoulder, sensing my negative thoughts,  "The venue is locked down, no one is leaving for now." He looks at me reassuringly, "I don't know much about soulmate bonds, but I know that they reactivate when the other person is near. The bond will keep playing until you touch each other, so there will be no mistake right?"

I calm down slightly. "And there's the teleportation that happens when soulmates stay away from each other for a long time, right?" Jimin pats Jungkook and my shoulder.

I remember the teleportation aspect of soulmate bonding. When a bond is activated, the soulmates teleport to each other after a few days until the bond is sealed by touching. There are rumors that they continue to teleport to each other even after sealing the bond, but usually, soulmates don't stay away long enough for that to happen.

Jungkook visibly relaxes, which earns a sigh of relief from Namjoon.

"Since Hobi is the only one with some sort of clue, why don't we try to find his?" Jin asks.

Hoseok is sitting in a chair staring into space. His effects have mostly worn off, only a few bubbles leave his skin. When he is serious like this, he is thinking of solutions to problems, and is probably thinking of how to find his soulmate as soon as possible. As one of the hyungs, he was farther from the minimum soulmate age than us. He was probably starting to give up on having a soulmate.

"What did you see hyung?" I ask. I really want to find mine, but Hobi has the best idea. My bond will lead me straight to her anyways.

He shakes his head, "I only got a glimpse. All I saw were her eyes, nothing else."

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