Out of the Shell

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I really didn't know what to title this😅


Alexis's POV

When we reach the hotel, the guys all let me out first then went after me. Jungkook and Yoongi immediately flank my sides. I frown at Jungkook. "Be careful, don't exert too much energy, " I worry.

He smiles as if he wasn't seconds away from unconsciousness just two hours ago. He grabs my hand and squeezes it lightly, "Don't worry. The nap in the van helped a lot." He seems fine, but I still want to be cautious. I made sure that he had plenty of water, doing everything but drowning him. Not only did the doctor say it, but every time me or my brothers would get sick, my grandmother would make us drink a whole gallon of water everyday until we were better. My mom had the same ideal, but with hot water. I don't know what the idea behind it is, but if there's anything I learned, it's to never doubt your mothers.

"Let them be a bit protective. You should have seen them when you weren't here." Sejin says playfully. He smirks at the boys who just clear their throats and look away.

"Really?" I press. I lean in a bit to Sejin, which he reciprocates.

He whispers as if we were gossiping, even though the boys can still hear us clearly. "Of course, they were like-"Sejin is about to speak, but Hoseok shouts loudly so that I can't hear it. 

"Ok, let's go! It's been a long day." Hoseok puts his arm around my shoulder and leads me away, to which to boys follow.

Sejin quickly catches up and stops them, "Wait, you can't all go in at once!" The guys groan at yet another effort to keep me hidden. He continues, "I was able to check Alexis in for one night, but she will be on the same floor as the rest of the staff. She will have her own room."

I don't know much about tour crew and all of that, but I would assume that staff members are expected room together to cut costs. I don't want to be an exception to that. "I don't need a whole room to myself, I can share with someone." I offer.

"No, you haven't been introduced yet. Since you haven't been at any of the concerts or traveling with us the whole time, it would be unusual to book you a hotel room with the rest when we leave in the morning. Somehow, we'll make it look like you met us in Brazil. I'm still working on the plane tickets, unfortunately there are no available seats on the same plane, but I'll work something out."

I nod. This was to be expected, finding a plane to the same destination within the same time would be hard the day before. It's a struggle, but we have to get over it. It's not like I'm going to just relax and make Sejin do all of the work. I'm just lucky that I teleported with my phone again. I'll have to remember to always keep my phone touching me if I'm ever away from my soulmates again. 

"So you all have to go up first. Hotel workers and bodyguards are waiting on your floor to show you the rooms. I'll go with Alexis." Sejin explains.

The guys look defeated, but give in with a sigh. Individually, they wish me goodnight with hugs. Jungkook kisses me on the forehead after he hugs me, just like before in the dance studio. I am slightly more used to it, so I smile softly without much reaction, though my heart can't help but to beat faster. They let him off without complaint this time, and Jimin who was last, does the same on the side of my eye. I doubt my face is anything but red right now. Chuckles around me tell I was right.

I laugh flustered and wave them goodbye as Sejin shoos them off to the elevator. I keep eye contact with them until the doors shut.

Sejin turns around, "Well it's nice to see them so happy again. You would not believe how moody they have been since we got here." He presses the button to go up, "For that at least, thank you for being here. Even if you were teleported and everything."

We step into the elevator and go to the third floor. "Personally, I really like being with them, I won't lie and say that I didn't want to come. But I'll do whatever is more convenient for them and the company. As long as you and everyone else is okay with it." I look him straight in the eye. Slowly, I have been getting more and more confident. The more that I am sure that my soulmates truly care about me, the less I feel like an inconvenience. At this point, I know that Sejin cares and knows me a bit better, so I'm not as shy.

Hopefully, I will be able to get out of this mid-way awkward faze we've been stuck in and see the guys more naturally. 

We step out and arrive at the room quickly, only five doors down. "The most convenient thing would be for everyone in the company to know who you are, both as an interpreter and translator, and the boys' soulmate. But there are a lot of risks with that. If only people could be more trustworthy, because I love having you here."

I say nothing, taking in his words. While in thought, he pulls out a key card and hands it to me, "My room is also on this floor, so if you need anything just knock. It's ###." He waits for me to go in. I bow and part with formality, making sure to respect him as much as possible. He waves me off with a chuckle and leaves.

Once I get in the room, I immediately sit at the closest table and pull out my phone without even glancing at the interior. I plan to work this out as soon as possible so he can rest easy.

I find a flight to Brazil easily. It leaves in the morning about an hour after the boys'. I mentally thank my brother. Elijah majored in something to do with technology, but I didn't care to remember it, the name was so science-y. All I know is that he taught me a lot. This is the second time I've been able to find a last minute flight to exactly where I need to go.

As soon as I find it, I put myself in the que to save the the ticket and make my way to Sejin's room. It would've made more sense to stay just go to his room and find it, but he would have resisted or been stubborn about it. To be fair, I didn't think that I would resolve this so quickly. Well, there's a lot more to it. I still don't have my passport, I'm not sure if I have enough for the ticket, and I have no clothes to change into nor a charger for my phone, which is basically my lifeline. Also, the problem of staying with the guys while remaining undetected by staff is still there.

We'll deal with one issue at a time. Priorities.

I knock on his door and wait. From the other side, I hear soft footsteps walk around inside and make their way to the door. When Sejin opens the door, he's dressed exactly like he was back at the concert. The same shirt and pants and his glasses are still on. "Alexis, why are you back so soon? Is there an issue?"

He lets me in and I show him the ticket, explaining everything. His face shows relief, but he still scolds me, "I'm glad you were able to find a flight, that helps a lot. But I told you I could handle it."

I just look at him and slowly raise my phone up, "But it arrives at the same time." I say softly. "And I already did it."

He sees that I am unaffected by the scolding and decides not to press further, "Fine."

As soon as he says that, I smile and start working with him. "Do you need my passport information and everything?"

"Send me the details later. I think we can just call the soulmate hotline and have them contact the airport and other authorities so we can travel without a passport."

That's how I got back to Florida in the first place. They let me fly with just a picture of my passport, courtesy of mom. "But that won't work if I'm going to Brazil, will it? Since neither of us are citizens of the country."

"I don't know. Hopefully if we explain that your soulmate is a celebrity, they will be able to do something. Unfortunately, we just might have to give the whole truth about bonding with all of them."

"I'm sorry."

"Alexis, stop apologizing."

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