She Can Do What?

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Alexis's POV

I knock on the door. Wiping imaginary dust off my jeans and fixing my blouse, I hear a "come in." Behind me, Jimin says, "Good luck." 

He offered to walk me here, to make me less nervous. The others wanted to come, but I told them I knew the way. I actually just didn't want to feel pressured, so only Jimin came, because he said he "offered first." 

I smile, thanking him, before walking into the room. Before I can do that though, he grabs my arm and pulls me towards him. When I'm inches away, he kisses my cheek. "You'll do great." He says while tucking one of my hairs behind my ear. I calm down a little, "Thanks, love." He gets surprised by the new nickname, but I enter the room before he can say anything.

Two very  judgmental-looking people sit behind a white table, and Sejin sits in the middle. Well, goodbye romantic moment, I'll miss you. Here comes stress and anxiety (my f***ing life).

 There is a woman with curled hair and glasses on the left. On the right, there is a man wearing a casual black shirt. All of them are completely in business mode. 

I bow from the waist, "Hello, I am Alexis. I am here to apply for the position of Translator for  Bulletproof Boy Scouts." I introduce myself before sitting on the stool in front of the table, crossing my legs. They each have a folder open, with what I assume is the application I gave to Sejin two days ago. 

Sejin is the only one who knows that I am the boys' soulmate. I assume that Band Si-Hyuk knows, but no one else knows, and we don't plan on telling any staff. I don't know what the receptionist was told, but he never asked me about it. 

Since no one knows, that means I am truly getting interviewed fairly, without bias. "Hi, Alexis." The woman greets. "I am Sung-Hyun, these are my colleagues, Sejin, and Yun-Seo." She motions to the man on the end. "Let's get started, shall we?"

I nod. "So you're American?" She asks without looking at my resume. 

"Yes." I confirm.

"And you speak fluent Korean?" I agree again. "How did you learn Korean?"

This may not be a great answer, but I tell her the truth. "I taught myself using language apps, and talking with Koreans on these apps. I've been doing this for years, as well as studying Korean language books." It's better than simply watching videos, but it could definitely be better.

"You're self-taught, how impressive." The man says.

"Yes, and she's speaking with perfect grammar and tenses too." Sung-Hyun replies. "Well, we weren't really looking for a translator, because as you might know, the leader of the group speaks English," she looks at my face while mentioning one of the members' names, "and we usually hire temporary interpreters when we visit other countries as well as let fans translate content we post." 

She continues, "but since Sejin suggested this, it wouldn't hurt to always have a translator on hand." She gets into some of the job requirements, which mostly involved secrecy (completely understand), and the ability to travel whenever it is needed so that I could become an interpretor when needed. She asks about my work ethics, and gives me some scenarios to answer. Then a major question comes up. "Why do you want to be a translator?"

 I stick as close to the truth as possible, "I have always wanted to travel the world, and I knew that being a translator would allow me to do that. That's why I learned so many languages." I start explaining. "Back in America, I was working on a foreign language degree in college, when I went to a BTS concert here." Sejin gasps, getting paranoid. I look him in the eye, trying to reassure him. "Actually, I met my soulmate at the concert, so now I have to stay here, because he doesn't know English, and I don't want to live apart from him, even if I could." I laugh at that. "So I applied to be a translator here, so I can live my dream, stay with my soulmate, and work for the group that helped me meet him." I leave off on a sweet note to make myself more convincing. I mentally high-five myself.

"How sweet." Sung-Hyun smiles. "Congratulations." She looks a little sad. I realize that she might be too old to be able to have a soulmate, and I feel guilty.

The man, however, is unemotional and gets straight back to the topic. "You said earlier that you learned more languages?"

Sung-Hyun looks suprised, "Oh, did you say that? I'm sorry."

"How many languages do you speak?"

I reply to Sung-Hyun first, "It's okay. I know English, Korean, Spanish, French, Italian, and Japanese." I also know a little Portuguese and ASL, but not enough to consider myself fluent.

They all stare at me. Then Sejin starts laughing, "Seriously, I'm starting to think that those guys are the lucky ones." He laughs harder.

I look at him confused. I don't know what he means. The man gets out of his daze when Sejin laughs. "Well, I think that answers it all, don't you?"

Sung-Hyun smiles, "Yes." 

What the hell are these people saying? She speaks up, "Welcome to BigHit." 

Okay, now I know I missed something. It must've shown on my face because she explains it. "You were doing great so far, but after finding out that you speak six languages, now you seem perfect. You got the job." 

I pause, "Really?" I didn't expect that to matter, as most places they go out in public are American music shows, or on stage. "Thank you so much, thank you!"

"You can start this week."

"We'll ask you to do things that require English translations, ok?"

I can hold out for another week if I limit my spending more, so hopefully the pay isn't monthly. But for now, my main problem is solved thanks to Hoseok. I bow and thank them again before turning to the door and leaving.

I do a victory twirl on the way to the studio. When I enter, they are practicing their new song. 

Hoseok sees me enter first. He turns off the music, then runs up to me, "So how'd it go?"

"You're looking at the Bulletproof Boy Scouts's new translator." I introduce. They all cheer, even Yoongi raises his arm a little.

Hoseok lifts me up, "I knew you could do it." He says before putting me down.

They were asking me about the interview, when Sejin comes in, clapping. "Wow, why didn't you tell me this earlier. This would have been easier if you had just told me." He directs at Namjoon.

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"Her language skills." Sejin states. Are my language skills really that big of a deal, a lot of people are multi-lingual. I became like this after years of constant practice and studying and a tri-lingual household.

Namjoon looks at him in confusion. Sejin questions me, "Wait, you didn't tell them that you speak six languages?"


"Hold up."

"She does what now?"

"Hold the front door."

All of the boys and Sejin are looking at me now. 

What the hell?

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