Where Did She Go?

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Jungkook's POV

I tried my best to hold in my anger, I really did. But after being on edge for however long, it was basically useless when the man told us about our soulmates. I exploded at that point. How did dozens of security guards lose three girls? 

During the intermission, we put everything into place to start searching for our soulmates. We informed the guards to look for the three while our bonds were still active. After telling them what to look for, as if they hadn't already seen it themselves, and where to look, they went out into the crowd discreetly.

Taehyung, Hoseok and I were all tense. Taehyung was sitting on the couch nervously. He was constantly scratching his wrist or staring at the ground deep in thought. Jin had to pull his hands away every once in a while to stop him from hurting himself. 

The soul string from his finger was slowly fading. It still went through the wall towards his soulmate, but for some reason, it was moving earlier. There wasn't much difference, it still faced the direction of the stadium, but all of us saw it moving to the right. Eventually, it faded so much that you could barely see it, so no one knew if it continued to move or not.

Hoseok was calmer than the both of us, but that didn't say much, because from what I could tell, a single mention of conflict in the pit would have Tae and I sprinting. Hobi looked relatively calm, but his knee was bouncing impossibly fast. The sound of his fingers rhythmically tapping on the table was clear over the hushed whispers around us.

I was the most visibly nervous. I was pacing in the same spot for over three minutes. I tried to hiding the shaking in my hands, but it didn't work well, since the other members kept looking at me like I was a ticking time bomb.

A few minutes later, the head security told us that no one could find the girls. That was when the bomb blew up. "What do you mean you couldn't find them?" I yell, trying my best not to curse at them. I don't like being rude. Respect and honorifics are very important to me, but these guys are getting on my nerves. I'm usually the type of person to curse them out in my mind, but rarely do I ever yell at others, no matter how annoyed I am.

But my soulmate is extremely important to me. The others never knew how much I thought about it, or about the times I would be lonely thinking about my soulmate. On the outside, I would barely glance at the couples. On the inside, I wished to be like them. Having my arm around my soulmate, laughing together, waking up with her in my arms. I wanted the little things, like brushing our teeth together in the morning, fighting over the last pancake, her feet in my lap when we sit on the couch, admiring every single one of her habits. I still want it, so badly.

But I don't know where she is. She was a few feet away from me, and I never saw her. I may never see her again if soul bond teleportation is only a myth.

And it's because of the security. Because of the staff who won't let me leave to find her. I greatly appreciate them any other time, but right now I'm pissed.

The other members never expected this from me, the one who never looked twice. Who never mentioned soulmates a single time. I always work hard at everything I do, but I approach most things calmly when I'm not on stage. So the fact that I am so disheveled is worrying the members and staff greatly. Unfortunately, it's three against four if anything escalates, because the other two aren't doing so great.

The head of security explains things, pointing out their effort and diligence so as to not anger me further. "We had three-fourths of the staff scattered around the pit. The rest were around the stadium to uphold the fans' safety, but they were also watching in case any of the girls moved out of the pit." I realize that they may have moved out of the pit to avoid suspicion.

That's probably why Taehyung's soul string moved, his soulmate wanted to avoid attention. Moving out of the pit would definitely attract attention, but so would staying in there, with everyone scouring the crowd for our soulmates. It's not safe out there at all. I just hope that mine had long sleeves or a hoodie to hide the veins.

While my anxiety skyrockets, he continues, "There were no conflicts, but no one reported having spotted any of them. I still have some of my guys in the pit, but others are searching in the sections around the pit."  I relax slightly when I see that I'm being a jerk to people who are actually trying.

I say nothing as Namjoon comes up behind me, putting his hand on my shoulder. We meet eyes and he nods behind him. Begrudgingly, I sigh and move to the couch behind us. "I'm sorry, as you can see, we are all a bit tense, especially those three." Namjoon apologizes. The man nods in understanding. "Thank you for working so hard to find my friends' soulmates."

I put my head on my hands, with my elbows resting on my knees. Jimin comes up next to me and rubs my back, trying to comfort me. Jin stays near Taehyung, watching him with concern. Hoseok stares off into space. He hasn't said anything since the security went to find the girls. Yoongi pretends to be nonchalant, but his expressionless face constantly watches us.

One of our managers comes in. His face forms a frown when he sees our state, but he still tells us, "I know that you don't feel up to it, but now that your bonds aren't visible anymore, you have to get back." I should be annoyed, but he's right. Sitting here won't do anything, and the fans will get antsy if we don't show up, which in turn could be dangerous for our soulmates. Besides, we can look for them while we're onstage.

It will be difficult without the bonds active, but they should start again if we're near.

They wouldn't have left, right?

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