Her Miracle

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Alexis's POV

I know they are trying to find out my secret. I've known ever since I came back after using the bathroom, and saw their smug, determined faces. Just like they know that I am lying, I know when they are planning something.

For the past three days since I've been here, I've been smoothly avoiding their questions about my life here. By smoothly, I mean interrupting them, or changing the topic to food, which works great, by the way.

Today I brought snacks, but later, I will start making stuff at the hotel. I really want to cook again, without it being an escape anymore. Whenever they try to pry, I just go and get the snacks. The only ones who don't fall for it are Yoongi, Hoseok, and surprisingly, Taehyung.

Hoseok gets distracted a little, but continues to ask questions while eating. I still got by, but I guess my secret ends here. "What are you hiding?" Yoongi asks plainly. That's the first straightforward question I've heard. I guess they're fed up now.

"I've been trying to avoid telling you. It's for a reason."" I state just as abruptly.

"Why are you hiding things from us? Do you not trust us?" Jungkook asks, a bit hurt. I feel guilty, I don't mean to hurt them.

"That's not it. I do trust you, but that's why I'm not telling you. I don't want to burden you with my problems."

"Your not a burden, Alexis. We're your soulmates, we'll do anything for you." Taehyung promises. I lightly smile at him.

I pause, thinking about telling the truth, when I come up with an idea. "Okay, but you have to promise something. " They nod their heads, except Jungkook, who looks defiant. "Jungkook, you have to do it too." I make sure he knows that I won't let this slide.

"What?" He uncrosses his arms, giving in.

I smile, "You have to promise that you won't go out of your way to try and help me, or give me any special treatment." 

"What are we supposed to do then, sit back and watch you struggle? " Yoongi argues loudly.

"I'm not struggling, it's just... progress." I look at them all, willing them to agree. When there is no more retaliation, I tell them, "I'm using my life savings to pay for my own things and I can't find a job." I blurt it out so it doesn't sound that bad. I also leave out the part where I'm staying at a hotel, not a friend's house. "See, not that bad."

"If you needed money, I would've-" Jin begins, but I stop him.

"You promised. You can't give me money, that would just make me feel... dirty." I express my feelings.

Jimin comes up to me and holds me. "I know your not like that. We all do, don't feel that way, because that is the exact opposite of what you are." He says sincerely.

"It's not like you could choose to be our soulmate. You're not a gold-digger Ali." Taehyungs adds.

I know I'm not. I never have been. But being their soulmate makes me feel like one. 

"I've been applying to places, but for some reason, I can't get a definite yes. I've applied to six places in two days." Some said that they would call back, but I know that if a business is really looking to hire you, they call within the week, so I'm not sure. I lay my head against Jimin. He rubs my head comfortingly.

"I could get you a job." Hoseok offers.

"Hoseok," I warn.

He puts his hands up, "No really, you speak fluent English and Korean, right?" I nod. "I can ask manager to hire you to be our translator." 

I hesitate, "I don't know Hoseok, that still-"

Namjoon stops me, "no, that's actually brilliant." He looks at me, trying to convince me. "You can translate for us and other staff members as BigHit's translator. You will still have an interview, so it won't be handed to you, and we can be together more often." Somehow, I feel like that is his main objective. 

"Please?" Taehyung pleads. The youngest members pull out the puppy eyes.

I can't, with these boys. "I don't like being ganged up on like this." I mention. I take a few seconds to think, but it doesn't matter, I've already made up my mind. I sigh, "fine." Their faces light up, in excitement. "But if I hear that any of you bribed someone into giving me the job, I won't make lunch for a week. Find your own food."

"No!" Jungkook shouts.

"That's not fair!" Taehyung whines.

"Wait, what?" Jin asks.

Now I know who was planning to do just that. I laugh loud at their exclamations. They were actually going to cheat. I imagine them slipping twenties to the interviewers.

"I don't think they would allow that. Integrity is a big thing in entertainment industries in Korea." Namjoon mentions.

The difference between Namjoon's pride for the company and the three members' planned bribery makes me laugh harder. Jimin hugs my back, resting his face in my neck. "You're so beautiful." 

I don't know where that came from, but for some reason, that makes me laugh more. It's hard to believe that these seven hot guys are calling me beautiful. I am too lucky, way too lucky. It is an absolute miracle. 

We sit for a while in regular conversation, Jimin not leaving my side. We spend today like every other, until Hoseok suggests something.

"You want to see the dance for our song?" Hoseok asks. Now that I think about it, I've never seen their dance practice, even though we spend most of our time in the dance studio.

"Oh my gosh, have you not practiced this whole time? Is it because of me, I'm sorry." I'm so stupid, I talk too much. And if I remember correctly, they start the other part of their tour in a few days, leaving Korea.

"We practice before you get here, but I'd rather spend my time with you than anything else." Jungkook flirts.

"Stop trying to be romantic." I scold. "This is serious." I've been distracting them this whole time. How have I not been kicked out?

"Relax, we do plenty of work. You are our break." Yoongi explains. That's a hell of a break, I don't come here for an hour and leave, I spend a lot of my time here. I believe them though; if anything, Namjoon won't let them slack off too much. 

"Sit on the couch, I want to show you our dance." Hoseok orders.

"Our dance, you want me to get up too?" Yoongi whines.

"Like hell I'm getting up." Jimin says close to my ear. I've been leaning on him this whole time.

"Me neither." Taehyung says with his head on my lap. His eyes are closed, and his hair is slightly messy from when I was playing with it. I decide it is enough.

"Come on, get up." I slowly stand up, causing Jimin's arms to fall, and Taehyung to sit up. "I wanna see."

They pout, but reluctantly get up along with the other members. Hoseok pushes the button to start the music, and the atmosphere completely changes. Anyone can easily detect the shift in leadership. In professional settings, Namjoon is the leader, but when the music starts, Hoseok takes charge.

I can almost feel his attention cast over each and every member. They practice the same choreography from the concert, so I recognize the moves. Each of them stares hard at the mirror, monitoring themselves individually and as a whole. 

I don't know if I'm flattering myself or if it is just because I've only ever seen dance practice videos online, but it feels like they are going harder than usual. They don't glance at me for a single second, completely focused on preforming every move seamlessly, but I can tell that they are aware of me.

When the music ends, they are all sweaty and hot. In both ways. They turn to look at me and I can't say I'm not a little warm.

"Well damn."

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