Dorm Meeting

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Taehyung's POV

We are all gathered in the dorm. After all of us took showers and ate, Yoongi called us for a group discussion. Usually, we only do this for fights or company issues, so whenever one of us calls a discussion, we are completely serious. With everything going on though, whoever is fighting has horrible timing. Between the tour, the upcoming filming, and the tour issue with Alexis, we can't afford to be fighting right now. But maybe a talk is what we need.

"What's wrong Yoongi?" Namjoon asks.

Yoongi rests his chin on his fingers. It's a habit of his when he is serious. We all pay attention. "I talked with Alexis." He says.

Talked with Alexis? About what? She wouldn't know if she was joining the next part, it's the decision of the concert and company directors. Is there something wrong with Alexis? Is she okay? Just the mention of our soulmate brings me into a spiral of thoughts. He already had our attention, we just wait silently for him to continue.

"I want to announce her as our soulmate, just to the company for now." My mouth opens in surprise, the other members letting out exclaims of surprise. "She agreed. But only if all of us are okay with it."

Our breaths stop. One could hear a heartbeat for a few seconds until Jungkook speaks out, "Hyung." He says anxiously. "Is that true? The only reason we haven't is because she didn't want to, right?"

"No." Jimin contrasts. I stun, thinking that he is disagreeing, until he clarifies. "You know how she is. It was the opposite right?"

Yoongi nods, "It's the same reason that she ran away."

"She didn't think we would want it public." Hoseok finishes.

I rub my face in frustration. Why does she doubt herself so much? I remember in the beginning, when we met her for the first time on the floor of the dance room. She looked absolutely terrified. Whether it was because of us, the guards, or her own predicament, she seemed so unsure. Even after talking for hours, she was still reserved.

I could tell that a lot has changed over time. She has become more natural with us. She is finally comfortable with the staff and has made new friends in the company. But she still holds herself back. I know she tries. I just have to make her realize how amazing she is. I'll remind her so many times, that she'll get an ego.

Yoongi continues, "Hoseok and I talked it over, and we think it would be the best decision. Then there is no risk of teleportation. Besides, I'm sure we all want her to be with us anyways."

We all nod in response. I imagine it. Hugging her and holding her in front of all the staff, "good luck" kisses before each concert. Getting to flirt nonstop, oh I can't wait to see her expressions. Just the thought of it has me grinning from ear to ear.

"Taehyung." Jungkook nudges me. He smiles at me. "Well, Taehyung looks like he agrees." He says, chuckling.

"I do." I say firmly.

Yoongi nods, "Anyone disagree?"

"I'm against it." Namjoon announces firmly, almost immediately.

I can't help but blurt out, "Why?" We were so close. So close to a solution. I know they want the same thing, so why?

"I'm also against it," Jimin adds. I frown, but I don't comment. I wait for an explanation that I know is coming.

"She just found her place in the company. She's finally comfortable, what if our coworkers act different around her? We can work something else out to get her on tour with us." Namjoon explains.

"We're staff just like they are. We just do different things. They treat us as they would any other person, why would it be any different?" Jin refutes.

"That's because we all grew with the company. Eventually they would act normally with her, but not for a while."

"You're forgetting that she had to move to a whole new country. She teleported here from Florida to Seoul with nothing but her phone. In a country where she barely knows anybody, on the other side of the world from her family. She lost most of her savings and was forced to move into her friend's house. Yet she hasn't said one word about it. Not a single complaint to anyone." Jimin recites. "Just one more change would inconvenience her too much."

None of us can say anything. I never thought of it that way. He's right, everything's changed for her. But all I've been focusing on is having her with us. I can't help but feel disappointed in myself.

"One week." Jin says confidently. We all look at him in question. "Give them one week to know Alexis. After that, we'll announce it. You know they'll warm up to Alexis quickly, she tends to have that effect." He smirks.

Namjoon and Jimin consider it, but I can tell that they are still hesitant. "It is worse for her to be away from her soulmates. Her health might suffer." Jin argues. "I know you both did research, I did too. Being away from your soulmate breaks the soul. Especially in multi-bonds."

"International and multi-person bonds are rare, so they work differently. There has to be a link. We've been together long before meeting Alexis, but we never soulmate bonded to each other. That's because all of us are bonded to her, not each other. She's the link." He explains.

I look to Namjoon, "Is that true?"

He nods, "That's why she always teleports to us, not the other way around. Most of her soul is with us."

"And bonds that don't require touch are stronger. So the impact on her health would be worse." Yoongi asserts. "That's why Jin's plan is the best comprise."

They have no choice but to give in. As soon as Alexis's health became an issue, the decision became clear. We're all trying our best and doing what we think is right for her. Conflicting opinions are normal, as long as we can find an in-between.

"One week. Then we'll tell the company." The plan is set.


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