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Jin's POV

The doctor finally had arrived and was looking over Jungkook. A staff brought him here, but Sejin was careful to only let the doctor through. He wisely came up with the excuse that Jungkook was in his underwear, so no one interfered or disturbed. But the boys have not left Alexis's side since she got here, or teleported here I should say. When Alexis had to back away to let the doctor through the boys just shifted around her, with the exception of Jungkook.

Now I know I shouldn't have let her go. When she asked me to get a towel, I thought it was because I was too sweaty and she was trying to be nice about it. But now I realize she only said that because she was actually worried that I would be uncomfortable. It's obvious that she doesn't care, because Taehyung hasn't let her go once. Hoseok is still holding her hand and Jimin is shoulder-to shoulder with her. Even Yoongi has his feet touching Alexis's knee. Any form of contact with her is soothing, I would know. 

As soon as Namjoon pulled me and Hoseok aside and told us she was here, I followed directly behind him running. Seeing her calmed the nerves I didn't even know were bundling up. Hugging her felt like I was home, even though my family and the dorm I share with my second family was across the world. Just being near her was peaceful.

Between her and Jungkook, I couldn't keep my attention on either of them. Jungkook was looking much better than before, but that is only because he finally laid down for more than a few minutes. He has been pushing himself today and the days leading up to the concert. A mix of striving for perfection for ARMYs and distracting himself. He overworked himself and this is what happened. Alexis doesn't know that Jungkook hasn't gotten an full night of rest since the argument, and I don't want to tell her. She will definitely blame herself, and we don't need yet another loop. 

The doctor gives a diagnosis for Jungkook in English, which Namjoon translates to us. There weren't any Korean doctors at the closest hospital, but luckily there was one who could speak English. With Namjoon and Alexis both here, it shouldn't be an issue.

As we thought, the problem was exhaustion. Doing strenuous exercise, and not being able to breathe properly because of singing. He pushed his limits even after the bout of fatigue. The doctor mentions sleep deprivation too. Alexis didn't look happy about that, but attributed it all to the concert luckily. She truly thinks that she doesn't have an effect on us. Yet it's not her fault that Jungkook couldn't stop thinking about her, she couldn't control that.

He said that Jungkook would be fine after getting some fluids and offered an IV, but Jungkook denied. Just a full night of rest, and slow progression into aerobic exercise will have his body back to normal in two days.

He motions to Alexis and talks to Namjoon who says something that completely confuses him. He goes quiet for a while, then answers while shaking his head. Alexis fills us in while they are talking, "He asked Namjoon if I was Jungkook's soulmate. He said that if I was away for an extended amount of time, it could have made his physical state weaker..." she says dejected. Jimin lays his head on her shoulder in comfort. I see Taehyung squeeze her and tell her it's okay, and Yoongi tells her not to mind it. Hoseok loudly tells her to not overthink things, claiming that Jungkook was being an idiot and not being careful. Said boy scoffs and makes a sound of protest against Alexis's thigh.

She smiles gently and thanks us, patting Jungkook's head to calm his grumpiness. It works like a charm, and he continues to snuggle his head in her lap. Maybe I should've overworked myself too. We all have really, but Jungkook was reckless this time.

She continues to summarize the rest, "Four days was too short of a time for me to teleport apparently. He says his weakened state could've caused it, but it shouldn't have sped it up this much." It could have been because of her connection to all of us. We all were huddled in this room standing over Jungkook in worry. Soulmate bonds involve every aspect of a human, which includes the body, mental state, and soul, so our heightened emotions may as well have been a pull for her. We don't need a doctor to realize this.

They finish talking, and he writes out a note for Namjoon to take. He leaves the room with a short goodbye. Namjoon translates the note to us, "Extra fluids, muscle pain, and iron pills." I nod, it sounds about right.

Sejin finally speaks up after intently listening to the doctor's words through Alexis. "Well the van is ready outside. After Jungkook rests up some more, we can go to the hotel. I'll work out arrangements for Alexis there."

"Thank you so much. I'm sorry you have to go through this." Alexis apologizes.

Before I could refute, Sejin waves his hands in disagreement, "It's fine, you can't control it. I should've done more research on soulmate bonds. If I had known that it would harm any of you, I would've agreed to you coming on tour."

Sejin was just doing his job as a manager. It would be unreasonable to bring Alexis along as she was presented, as an inexperienced translator. Any of the members can recognize this, though they didn't like it. It's just too dangerous to introduce her as our soulmate, even in the company. Otherwise I would be shouting it from the rooftops.

"Anyways, I'm going to finish up everything for the concert and make sure it's all concluding smoothly. Alexis I'll come back and we'll move you separately, is that okay?" He continues. 

Alexis nods her head, "Of course."

"But-" Taehyung starts, his voice muffled against Alexis's back.

"She'll ride with you guys, I just have to bring her first." Sejin immediately answers, already knowing the question. He leaves right after.

I turn to my beauty and see her assessing Jungkook yet again. She hasn't stopped fussing over him, even putting the water bottle to his mouth and lifting it. He insists that he can do it himself, but she quickly shuts him down. He's already had three water bottles so far.

"The doctor said he'll be fine." Jimin says caringly.

She looks at him them back at Jungkook. She stares into his eyes and her eyebrows scrunch up, "It was just... terrifying." I realize that she is talking about when she first saw him. She looks like she is reliving the moment. I understand, I don't know what myself or the rest of the guys would have done if he really fainted. It was a stressful situation.

"I'm sorry." Jungkook sincerely apologizes, grabbing her wrist to remind her that he is fine. She smiles softly in reply. I see Jungkook physically relax.

She looks up at all of us and tries to lighten the mood, "So how was the concert?"

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